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I just can’t stop thinking about all of the events of Summer Smash. I have never been around so many incredible people who all have the same mindset and who truly care about making a difference in peoples lives - and their own. It’s empowering. A good friend of mine who I met at the event told me “There are no coincidences”. I had never thought about that but it’s true. Cue the cliche “Everything happens for a reason” 😏 I whole heartedly believe it. - I feel something brewing deep inside of me, and I will not ignore it. Never had a feeling like this before. Change is coming. Limits will be pushed. I don’t want to look back at my life and wish I had gone for it. I will shake hands with my twin one day and feel completely fulfilled. Thank you for that speech @edmylett 🙏🏼
Patients only works if you do. You’re not gonna get shit just waiting around for it to come you. __ @edmylett speaking some fire at summer smash. __ #motivational #movments #fitness #life #lifechanging #photooftheday
So cool to finally meet you @atrain_100 . Been following you for awhile and love your content. Thanks for taking the time to take this pic with me. • #iam1stphorm #1stPhorm #LegionOfBoom #SummerSmash2018 #atrain
A lot of people plan trips and shit to go see the stars in Hollywood! I got lucky enough to meet some stars that change my life on the daily at #summersmash18 !!! Every person in these photos inspire me on the daily and if you don’t follow them you really should !! #iam1stphorm #phamily #100to0 #legionofboom #idols #rolemodels #inspiration #motivation #wedothework It was an honor!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #Gainzta @ashnordman @ashclark.fitness @derekweida @blackbeltbrock @jenna_fail @sassybrunettefitness @getrickd @warriorfit1
1st Phorm, more than just a supplement company, it’s a Phamily A Culture, A movement! I was fortunate to attend this years Summer Smash 2018! Best experience of my fucken life! Something I needed to reevaluate my life! That extra motivation to keep grind this! @andyfrisella the MFCEO! Got to meet the man behind the Phamily, it was an honor taking and meeting the CEO of the company! . . @mrfrisella greatest example of being a dad! Person I look up to for being an amazing father figure! The way he lives his life for Enzo and his girls is the way I want to live for Jay! It was an honor meeting him as well! And thank him for the advice he gave me for becoming a father! . . Also got to meet these amazing athletes as well and for the amazing work they put out for the company thank you @will2win50 @aaronsummers @candopushthru @nodonutshere @theptboss @jarrettwbond22 @chris_puck_33 glad I got to meet and take a picture with all of you! Hope to see our relationship grow and look forward to bombarding you guys with question because my goal is to become one of you guys! . . All in all I have an amazing time in St. Louis for summer smash, the conference I attended left me motivated to grind and become an athlete like these amazing people! . Thank you @1stphorm for everything! And as we chant away “ I AM 1ST PHORM “ #summersmash #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #dadbodsquad #phamily
A true American hero. A man who willingly sacrificed for his country and the ones he loves what an honor to get to stand next to you,shake your hand and get a photo! • @derekweida there are no words that can’t be spoken to thank you enough, will still say thank you for your services! Also congratulations on the twins brother! • P.s Derek doesn’t use anything as an excuse and is still a beast! Goes super hard!! So why in the hell are we coming up with excuses????
What a great weekend ! Met some awesome people, laughed all day, danced the night away ... Thanks for everything @1stphorm #summersmash2018 #iam1stphorm #doyouevenlift #weekendvibes #fannypack #besties #memories #yesiboughtanewoutfit #notenoughpics #beerme #margarita
Summersmash 18 - - We got to meet our inspiration, our mentor and savior...Sounds like Jesus lol. Andy Frisella is the man we met. He changed our lives through his words in his podcast(theMFCEOProject) and actions. It was a great weekend experience and I hope to see him again. Maybe as a future investor? - - The weekend was extremely humbling. It was a much needed boost.
#phamily !! Well looking back on Summer Smash 2018, wow that was experience of a lifetime for me. Mind blowing and all around super awesome fun!! This was my very first time ever attending Summer Smash. Didn’t know what to expect but I was told it was mind blowing and that it’s such fun time. In this post are few of the people I came in contact with. Getting opportunity to say hi and tell them who I was mind blowing for me because typically I am the shy guy but I am trying to change all that and be little more open now. Thank you everyone at @1stphorm and to entire 1st Phorm phamily for making this experience for me so memorable and I will never forget it!! I love y’all!! It was so much fun!! Until next time keep grinding and results will come with time and patience!! #summersmash2018 #phamily #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #memories
Day 1 of the #summersmash2018 shore house check in’s and festivities at Ballpark City with the 1stPhorm Phamily. • This was the beginning of an everlasting friendship that only knew each other on social media, but when I reacted in person it felt like they knew each other for decades !!!! • 1 used to be Staten Island 2 from the dirty Jersey 3 from Maryland • Somewhat strangers, but became best friends, the story of the Summer Smash 2018 Shore House hahaha • #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #phamily #legionofboom #legionnaire #movement #mudrun #poolparty #reunited #army #navy #marines #airforce #policeofficers #fireman #ems #athletes #shorehouse #bestfriends
Hey @edmylett thanks for speaking at #summersmash2018 and thanks for giving us your time to briefly talk! I resonate so much with how you aren’t afraid to give the glory to God through your entrepreneurial journey! It meant a lot when you said ‘I can see the faith in your eyes.’ I have a fire and I know it radiates through! I’m learning to be brave and to put God first always! _ I enjoyed your vibe and I am humbled by your words! #maxout _ #iam1stphorm #1stphormhq #phamily #guestspeaker #summersmash #1stphorm #legionofboom #wedothework #entrepreneur #entrepreneurjourney #learning #godfirst #godisgood #aligningmylife #givehimtheglory #allthingsthroughchrist #hestrengthensme #blessed #humbled #allgoodvibes #thankyou #maxout #edmylett
I look forward to the motivational speakers every year at Summer Smash...& @edmylett did not disappoint. He was spot on...& left me excited about the future! Oh & Ed...I will meet my twin! ☺️💙#summersmash2018 #iam1stphorm #inspirational #phamily
Don't ever forget about the basics. Your nutrition is key to your goals in the gym. Whether you are going for overall health & wellness, muscle gain, or weight loss. It all starts with what you are putting in your body on a daily basis. . Before your macros, comes your micros. Providing your body with the proper amount of micronutrients plays a major role in how your body will function daily. . Each day I strive to get 3-4 well rounded meals. Now I consider a well rounded meal a palm sized protein, fist of carbs, and fist of veggies. On top of that 2 snacks per day, this could be a protein shake, some sort of fruit, or I will do almonds/cashews. I also always strive to get 120oz of water daily. Last but not least, I never forget my @1stphorm Micro Factor Daily Nutrient Pack! . Fueling my body with the Micro Factor provides me with all the essential nutrients that my body needs to run at an optimal level daily! Micro Factor is our bodies foundation to achieving maximal results from our training, and nutrition. These complete packs make it simple to get them in because you can pretty much take them anywhere. Not having several pill bottles to worry about each day is a life saver, and is easy to make this a staple in my daily nutrition! . If you have any questions please comment below, or shoot me a DM, I would love to help! . #1stphorm #vitamins #supplements #nutrition #iam1stphorm #legionofboom
Had SUCH a fun weekend at @1stphorm Summer Smash • Blessed to be apart of this culture you can’t find anywhere else. Meeting a camel was pretty dope too • #S2faction #iam1stphorm
So many people stopped and asked me about my belt this weekend. "Hey I love that belt!" "Damn that things badass!" And I wanted to give a shout-out to the man that made it all possible. @dbgear_llc Dylan is a local artist here in Vermont who does amazing work. I approached him a few months ago about the idea and he could not have been more enthusiastic and supportive. I'm not sponsored by DB Gear. I don't make any sort of money off promoting this guy. Other then helping out a guy who made A HUGE dream of mine come true. He was kind enough to give me a promotion code to share with my followers or anyone who would appreciate it. www.dbgear.net Promo Code : Art15 Guys check him out he does AMAZING WORK #summersmash2018
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