Scott Nicholson

keep on dreamin even if it breaks your heart

Ayyyyyye! thx @bri.skot for tha edit! 🙏 Me and gooses 🙋‍♂️🐶
Teachin class again soon 🙌 🍯🌙
2day at mL 5pm
made it on @brilovelife 's snap!! 🎃👻
love. Dem. hoes. |dangerous woman creative talks| @arianagrande & @brilovelife #thedarkerthejokethehardertheyfall teaching tonight at 7pm! Dangerous Woman Tour auditions announced soon! Get in class #webeteachintoomuchtomissyou
Teaching today 5pm ML!
Hoboken river line ⚓️
🤘😬 see u there! ✌️ Can ya go to more shows than @winegoddess628 ?! 👊🙌
Would be amazing if I got the time right... 7:30-9 pm!!! @mdcdance #brianisstillmajor #brianisstillalegend #idrewthatplant
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