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When using my strength in the service of my vision it makes no difference whether or not I am afraid #DigitalStoryteller #CornellPhDStudent #Guardian

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Trailer 2 of @shadesthedmv just a a reminder of our "Behind The Shades" event 8/5/17! Join us for a special night of dinner & drinks on us, the cast, and a interactive experience of Shades The DMV firsthand. Space is limited. Please RSVP at info@shadesthedmv.com for location and other details. #shadesthedmv
Its. Going. Down. Introducing the official trailer for @shadesthedmv For full video check link in bio!
Got a lot coming your way! Stay tuned and in the meantime check out my newest project @shadesthedmv
***NEW PROJECT ALERT*** There is a new docu-series coming and I am excited to announce that I am the #Producer and #Director of @shadesthedmv alongside @love_nafi ! #SUPPORT with link in bio
Up to no good!
I'm super fortunate to have worked with some amazing and talented people, and most importantly learn from them, which is why I do this. If I can continue to work on films and visual projects that build communities, I would be the happiest person!
V I B E S / V Y B Z
I had the opportunity to accompany Professor and Mentor Ed Baptist in taking Cornell undergrad students to Petersfield, Jamaica. Its always fun re-creating teaching boundaries by pushing students to participate in a deeper and more rigorous process of cross-cultural learning. Students including myself worked in classrooms, built school structures, lived with families, but most of all returned home with an acute sense of having gained more than we could possibly give. #Throwback #VillageTourism #Petersfield #Jamaica #AOC #ServiceLearning #EngagedLearning
Run then Reflect
Royal Dynamite➖a collaborative and unique t-shirt company that combines popular culture, community, and social responsibility to create educational awareness. So if you have ideas 💡 myself and my business partners would love to connect with you 📧nadia@royaldynamite.com
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