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@khalidspeedfitness working on being stronger everyday. Thankful to be surrounded by so many strong individuals who continue to push themselves and be better. Thank you for helping me be my best self. Thank you for your time, energy and endless drive. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’š #toomanytotag #ihopeyoufeelmylove #letsgoletswork
daily love 🌊
a little taste of class today 🌴dancing with my sunshine @natsukimiya β˜€οΈ@champagnepapi Thank you @mlthestudio for the space to train and all the students for being in the space with me πŸ’š so much gratitude. #stepsbyyourBOY
teaching TODAY 3:30pm at the lovely @mlthestudio. Last class for a bit and such a nice treat. πŸ’šπŸ’–
last day to submit for the @danafogliadance 3 MONTH INTERNATIONAL MENTORSHIP PROGRAM Training with @iamdanafoglia alongside the company and all the students of @dfdtrainingprograms is one of my absolute favorite dreams come true. The work in the studio and outside to become better as an artist and a team is treasured because of these programs. You can achieve and accomplish anything you want if you have the right mindset and put forth loads of hard, focused and committed work. #findyourbest #classwithfireintheass #letsgoletswork #movementcrushmonday All info at www.danafogliadance.com
@dfdtrainingprograms @danafogliadance 3 MONTH INTERNATIONAL MENTORSHIP PROGRAM Submissions are due on April 24th. All info at www.danafogliadance.com Find your best self with this one of a kind training πŸ’š #letsgoletswork
one more time for Florida tonight. @dangerouswomantour πŸ’š #bewbetter
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