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2 year anniversary tonight of being onstage with Ariana 💖@dangerouswomantour #foreverboy @_kristerry @_devyckbull_ateamlv 🙏🏽
I believe it is important for me to the share this. I feel responsible to kindly remind anyone who follows me that the experiences of each day will help you grow. You are encouraged to be and create your best self through life and all the choices you find best. Be happy and be better always. Life is worth living. #repostfromkenya ❤️#maketheworldbetter
@parrisgoebel @geraldnonadoez #drunkinlove 💘#threeyearsold 🏄🏽🏄🏽
Teaching TODAY @mileleacademy 4:30pm and @max__pham at 6:00pm. ❤️If you're in a Nashville Come through :)
#flashbackfriday This picture is from the last performance of the @dangerouswomantour but I can't help to think about of how far we've come. I am so blessed to be experiencing every single bit of this with these loveable humans. I am eternally grateful to be happy and motivated to grow through positivity and great challenges. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It's just the beginning. #thetalentisreal #Godateandeats #iwouldbelisteningtothelbumregardless #learningandgrowing #luckyducky #weregonnabealright
NASHVILLE! This weekend. #stepsbyyourBOY
it's cold @maxphamphoto
I believe I am a very grateful and thankful person. But lately I have been heavily reminded that I am truly so blessed. I don't say thank you to nearly as many blessings I am received daily. The life I live makes me so happy and each moment is truly such a special thing. It doesn't have to be so good and it doesn't have to last so long. So please be grateful, be thankful, be happy, be fearless, be you and be everything you want and need. Love yourself and your dreams and take care.
missing miss @candancebrown and NYC. 💙🍌#nominated #stageleft @therealtank
On the road again. Excited to be performing to this new music and be apart of this show! Just getting started! Lots of room to grow and love a little more each night. 🙏🏽 Grateful for the team and the time. #cashmeousside #theaudienceisabunchofhoes #YUP @dangerouswomantour
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