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Family👪 Adorably boring being😄 SC👉Emerald4_essey Twitter👉@EmeraldEssey

If the love doesn't feel like the 90s R&B, I don't want it❤ #Wavy 🌊
'Cause it's been long I dropped something here. #Wavy 🌊
ThankGod for YOU Be happy for YOU Glo up for YOU do stuffs for YOU coz No one got YOU like YOU 😎
My collar bone😭😭😭
I'm Black Everyday💪❤
The glo up is just about to kick off #African 🙌 #Brown 👩
You is kind, you is smart, you is important❤❤
This year, Speak positive words🙌 Own up to your faults😎 Drink lots of water🍶 Meet new people 👭👬 Above all LOVE ❤ Happy new year ya'lls😍. Pray ya'll have a fruitful year🙏 #2017
This is Dayo Nathaniel Warwar👶 Dayo is very cute😍 Dayo is my(twinny's) baby👭 Dayo is 6months old today👨 Because of Dayo my ovaries are paining me😭 I want a baby this cute😊 Happy bornday Sweet boy😘😘
Happy Boxing day ya'lls😊😊
Merry Christmas ya'lls😍😍
I'm not perfect, but He loves me anyways🙏#God 'sGood #blackisbeautiful #blackSkin #blackgirlmagic #Black
Again, if you don't stand for something you'll fall for everything. Looking like one of those cute Muslim chics I know😊 #SlayForChrist 🙌 #Young 😋 #African 👩