Cameron Cone

Creative Director for VWSE in Austin, Tx Photographer & Filmmaker "lean into life and capture it"

Early Saturday morning 1 mile swims are much better when your brothers join! #summerolympics #texasstyle
"Tat tat tat tat tat!" The sounds of silence was disturbed #historyfacts Invented by Richard Gatling around 1860s. #gatlinggun is a fascinating merge between high-tech weaponry attached to #oldschool wooden wheels. It's as loud as you think it is!! #neverstopexploring
No matter the storm, the cow continues to eat... #country #weathering
When waking up at 3am to be on a fishing boat in Alaska was on our agenda. #conesmithexpeditionteam #alaskfishing #need #stronger #coffee
The flow. Water has always been a part of my life where ever I go. So far I haven't come across water too cold to swim in. Last week @jshumway and I went into 30 degrees water. This was cold but I would do it again. #neverstopexploring #water #adventuretravel
When things go boom boom real fast! #gunstagram
Staying in front of the storm ⚡️🎥
Guns! #🇺🇸
Solo🌲 under the #texasstars
Lightning storm rolled into frame during our 4th of July celebration. God loves fireworks. This lighting was amazing how many times it lite up the clouds. It was similar to a stobe light. Only saw a few spikes like the one in photo. #texas #weather #purplerain
Weekend reflections
Mother Nature rolling in
"The thunder rolls and the lightnin' strikes!"
Saturday sushi! Yes it's a a bold step - rule of nothing below zero has been broken! #fiancéeadventures
Standing in front of a giant #storms
It rolls over the ground like an ocean wave
Now ahead of the storm for a moment
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