Yeo Hui Wen

Promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate twit/snap: huevern

The best kinds of people are non-judgemental, real, genuine, understanding, unapologetic, easy going & most importantly funny asf!!! Real friends are my treasure & they are my treasure😭 (tbfh sad asf they're leaving msia, not the best pic but)
after 6 months only can see syuen! bb will lonely! but bb tahan! bb stay strong! #stfu
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the sunflowers and the bees
Happy big 20 to my fav😘 "first" year of friendship & counting :,)
Happy Birthday to the bestie, we love you! 🐸
So pumped for Chinese new year💮💶
chiken tenders
Just me getting into everybody's business
I live by this: "Let's be active and vocal everyday toward making each other feel accepted & loved for our differences." @arianagrande ❤ Never keep quiet when u see someone get bullied/feeling less of themselves, always fight back for yourselves/people who need it. Even if it's JUST a stranger.
My only 2 moods & nothing else👅
Thank you for making chem project/lab sessions more fun & less stressful, and also allowing me to be who I am, during lab, aka annoying (entertain) you guys. As the dumbest one in the group, I'm super lucky la😛☺💛
The most forgiving person I know. Sometimes dumb but always cute. My OG voice coach since '14, teaching me harmonies & stuff. You know I'll always keep it real with you. Let's never stop being silly & forever be a kid at heart. And omg our inside jokes are the best la, playmate 4 life la. It's such a shame that we're not in the same intake :( Happy Birthday my nezaibao🎈
A lil bit of sass & a lot of awkward 📷:@yishiuanl
My first ever lit Friday night rooftop concert🔥❤ @chvrches
Survived 10 days without twitter ig snap fb yahoo & Google LOL
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