Yeo Hui Wen

happiness is all that matters twit/snap: huevern

No matter where & when we always have so much fun together, I really appreciate someone who can be silly with me😽 What more do we need in this stressful uni life :,) Happy Birthday to the funny hilarious thotful cute annoying @yishiuanl ! lob u! #justgirlythings
Hopefully I'll have enough courage to join cheer next year, aka my final year. GO MANTIKOR ❤🔥 #monashcup2017
#ootd from my sister's closet
MBC race was such a torture for me not gonna lie😹 but I'm glad the photos are funny😹
Cuties. #staffy + #bully
No longer a first year student, I'm growing up so fast
I'm on a bike notice me @arianagrande @arianagrande @arianagrande
fresh 📷: @clawdeerclw
Never not saying yes to hiking but my friends need to slow tf down
bruhga hill🌏
When your mom asks you to put down your phone for a photo
The best kinds of people are non-judgemental, real, genuine, understanding, unapologetic, easy going & most importantly funny asf!!! Real friends are my treasure & they are my treasure😭 (tbfh sad asf they're leaving msia, not the best pic but)
after 6 months only can see syuen! bb will lonely! but bb tahan! bb stay strong! #stfu
caption this
the sunflowers and the bees
Happy big 20 to my fav😘 "first" year of friendship & counting :,)
Happy Birthday to the bestie, we love you! 🐸 #frog
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