Hieng Jing Tie


It's Friday ✌🏻
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath , But you heard it , Darling you look perfect tonight
Save the panda eyes
He looks way better than u He is a real keeper
Indispensable person with creepy attitude .so what ? You can't judge me when you urself r the mess.
I need kris wu right now
💀 🏊
Blue blue blue
Happy lantern festival 2017🎉
Happy Birthday 🎉, Stefan
@auroraling Amanda, you r such a wonderful bestie for me Estrella and Ding Ai . Thanks for making our live interesting and so much fun of cuz thanks for your accompany through our every ups and downs . Another month, another year, another smile , another tear, another summer, another winter too but there can never be another friend like YOU . Happy Birthday 🌹
@auroraling Me and busy die Estrella did this for u ahhh see how much we love you👩‍👩‍👧💕 btw happy 20th baby. So sad can't celebrate with you this year but sure got chance one..💁🏻 Next time we celebrate our birthdays tgt at once hehehe.
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