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yesterday's lovely incoming mail from @snailmail_athena , @xjadey and @mamzelle_kokeliko 🙏🏼 thank you to all of you! i will reply ASAP!
just received this very fun hipster themed mail from @hand_written_and_sealed 😊 plus she added the most loveliest owl stamps ❤️ i can't wait to read it!
i've never been really lucky when i visit the local flea markets. but last saturday i managed to unearth these vintage german tickets! these date around the 1960s to the early 1970s. will be sending out some of these to my penpals.
one of my favourite pages from a book that my fiancé bought for me last week to help contribute to my future snailmail collages. this page mainly features the great grey owl. currently im still torn between cutting out the lovely illustrations or scanning them in...
sent a variety of malaysian local dishes for my first batch of mail to my new penpals! im very excited to start penpaling! i hope they arrive safely to you all.
i never really manage to understand why so many people loved taking photos of the sky. until i saw this.
one of my favourite chocolate bars! cadbury’s marvellous creations! probably the reason why i love it so much is that its chocolate WITH popping candy and the extra addition of jellybeans! inspired by the #OneInTheHand series by @houseoffriedman ! check out his amazing shots!