haley rose 🥀

🌃 BOSTON MA ⛓ MAHC // SUPPORT WOMEN IN HARDCORE 🥀 18 years dead 🌬 aquarius

bitch i'm yung plague // $UICIDEBOY$ - $OUTH$IDE $UICIDE TOUR 2016
🔪 blood on ya mouth & ya spittin' out teeth 🗡
my new friend Katya(Kate) from Chernigov sent me this and she told me it is alright i post it 🖤 i edited it to match my feed xo
⛓ you're so weak, a knife to your throat couldn't get you to speak. ⛓ // the new reality - code orange
⚰️ skrt skrt skrt skrt ⚰️
⛓ left me to die, son of a bitch ⛓ // stab me - bent life
i feel like the people who've followed me since i was younger have forgotten i'm not the same person anymore.
🥀 kill me slowly baby i just wanna waste ur time 🥀
🥀 watch my mind decay 🥀
🖤 summon the demons that worship the goat // john dee - ghostemane 🖤 || the lil pond thing at the cemetery was frozen over. i thought it was so rad
i dislike how on the internet people just assume that anything you post is also theirs. always ask before you post someone else's art or photos of themselves. they might not like the photos you chose and want them removed. and you sure as hell do not claim someone's art as your own either. scum.
so death take my hand, deliver me to hell
disappear /// hate me, won't break me, i'm killing everyone i love.
you are a little soul carrying around a corpse
617 🌃⛩
dead boy walkin
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