haley 🥀

18 // boston // MAHC – please leave me to rot ⚰️

i'm still alive unfortunately
dead inside filling the void
i'm stoked as fuck for @varialspa to release pain again in friday the album is gonna be so tight
vampire in the moonlight
i am vile and disgusting
here's a photoset of the sky from last night ✨ cotton candy skies are my favorite. i believe @fairytears & i are hanging out tomorrow so i'm hoping to get new content for you guys! i still don't feel the best regarding my mental health but it's nice to know some of you care abt me as a person even though i'm wonky
"humans, creatures, really, i don't care about any of that. nothing is more important to me, than the one i love" ⚰️
cut me open
just a psa but my only instagram accounts are @heroine_rose & my personal spam/vent account!!! please don't post my photos without my permission thanks!!!!! edit: i removed my username to my side account bc i don't want anymore followers right now ilysm
this is what i live for. watching sunsets with my best friends is my purpose.
i found you inside of a dream
self genocide of all you loved
i love this dress
pour my guts out for all to see // 2x4 - rot
flesh of my flesh. blood of blood. below the rest, with nothing above. reincarnation a punishment. for destruction of the self.
dispose of me
we'll make love in the afterlife
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