Louis,my definition of strong💘Johannah must be so proud🙏🏻

I feel like a really bad person:'((
Favourite song atm?
Real life Tarzan😬💘
Eyes so green,not even the nature couldn't be so pure.
'Not afraid anymore' isn't too bad💯
I miss how open and comfortable Harry used to be around us…give us the biggest hugs and flash his famous smirk😞
Short haired Harry or long?
What's you favourite day of the week?-Thursday.
It's a NO to Selena and Abel from my side.
This precious Zarry moment and the only rare time where we saw Harry in an orange tank top💋
Happy Birthday,my-fucking-everything-besides-Harry-and-Dylan O'Brien! You're 24,Holy shit😭 I've seen you grow these past 7 years and it's been amazing.You've come out of you shell and out to the world,I couldn't be prouder.These achievements you've earned are well deserved👏🏼 There are quite a few dozens of directioners who hate you for leaving but then there are one who still love and support you(including me)❤ I love you.Hope this year brings you joy and lots of success.Happy Birthday,Bradford's bad boi xxxxx
Zayn is turning 24 in 4 hours(in my country).Yeah,I'm totally not dying.
I'm in love with the shape of you.
I desperately want to be that box.It's so damn lucky😑
Jealous boyfriend look👀🔥
I'm in a middle of a movie posting this😂
Not even a week into 2017,and we've been blessed with 2 amazing songs.GOD BLESS ED,I LOVE HIM❤
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