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Cuteee @gigihadid
Guysss I'll follow some loyal followers from this acc! You need to say why you follow me and your opinion about this acc! Love ya all 💕
Morning babes 34.1k
She's so cute CR @gigisteam
besties time @jordynwoods @kyliejenner
Let me be in this squaaaad
What do u guys think about Ky and Travis?
#new @haileybaldwin out in Los Angeles
#new @haileybaldwin out in Los Angeles
Babygirl🔥 CR to @kylischah
#new Zigi leaving G's ap in NYC CR @gi.hadidupdates
Omg such a beautiful smile💕
#new @haileybaldwin @camerondallas out for dinner in Los Angeles
Babes out together in Los Angeles
#new @camerondallas and @haileybaldwin out at dinner in Los Angeles last night🔥
1,2 or 3? Comment ur favorite😏
I can't describe how much I love these 2
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