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Such a beautiful gift from you babes omg 32k! One of the most beautiful gifts for my birthday (tomorrow is) Ilysm guys tysm for being in my heart and I'm so so happy yaaay❤❤ LOVE YA GUYSS!!
"She wants somebody to love, to hold her, she wants somebody to love in a right way"
Damnnn🔥🔥 @gigihadid
#new @haileybaldwin out in LA
Guess who's bday is tomorrow guysss
Perfection in one photo
How u feel when u know ur birthday is thursday ma gad
Tag ur bestie❤
👅👅 @kyliejenner
Mood 👼
Good night babes🔝
#new @gigihadid out inNYC
#new @gigihadid out in NYC
Finally home😓
Mood today☀ @haileybaldwin
Me and my friends everywhere lmao
Im a little sad because is gonna be my birthday thursday and when people ask me what I want I say one of the most beautiful gifts would be like Hailey notice me❤😥 She means a lot to me tbh! LOVE YA HAILSS @haileybaldwin (please tag her )
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