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New video!!! Here are some things I should tell you! Link in my bio!
#TBT apparently we all agreed on NO TEETH #Repost @mametown ・・・ This picture from exactly one year ago at the @dirty30movie premiere brings up a lot of emotions. Like: A) I'm pumped to go to dinner with these women tonight B) I'm grateful to get to do things like take a shotski as part of my job C) I am immediately booking a spray tan
It's 2:27am and I can't sleep because jet lag is a sticky temptress. Good news is I found this photo on my phone from camping in Glacier National Park a couple months ago that fully encapsulates what I look/feel like when I go outside. (📷: @brookswheelan )
Time for an #Emmys2017 fashion review! Link in my bio!!
WAHOO! @nickthune is on #NotTooDeep this week! We talk about farts A LOT. Also about how he basically yelled at a mean elderly couple on an airplane! What fun! Also @jackferry and I celebrate our early birthdays! Watch the full episode on @fullscreen !
New video!!! Back to school outfit ideas!!! Link in my bio!!!
11:00am ✔️ Three Sets of Eye Masks ✔️ Fully Dry Shampoo'd Hair ✔️ Wine Left on the Nightstand from the Night Before ✔️ ---My convention meet n greet prep is god damn aspirational.
Bikini season!
Thank you, #vidconaus ! I drilled you and signed bras. Am I AC/DC yet??
I blindly tried some of Australia's dumbest and grossest chip flavors! It was a FLAVOR JOURNEY. Link in my bio!
When you ask @chestersee to look after the princess monster while you're out of town...
It's Octoberfest on #NotTooDeep today! My brother from another, @mmitchelldaviss joins us and like a good Octoberfest family we got drunk real quick! I mean, just look at @jackferry 's face. Watch the full episode on @fullscreen !
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