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Oh f*ck yeah! @codyko is on this week's episode of #NotTooDeep and IT'S A GREAT ONE! We talk about f*ck boys and about what the f*ck is happening on YouTube these days! Watch the full episode on @fullscreen !
New video! What girls think about when they work out! (At least this is what I think about. Please tell me you can relate.) Link in my bio!
Get real.
Is my Jersey showing?
This is the moment when @brookswheelan asked three random boys if they wanted their picture taken (in front of the most beautiful lake I've ever seen). They didn't ask him to take it, he asked if they wanted it. Reluctantly they said "...sure" and then immediately started splashing each other like Victoria's Secret swimsuit models and then kept asking for more pictures of themselves flexing. Brooks is now Montana's Terry Richardson. We live here now.
Let me teach you some GAME CHANGING hotel room life hacks! Link in my bio!
In keeping with my brand, I thought I lost my wallet in the woods but then I found it in my backpack so @brookswheelan and I celebrated.
He is the GOAT.
Welcome to the 2nd episode of "Will It 'Kini?" I tried to make bikinis out of aluminum foil, an old pillow case and old socks! Which one worked? Link in my bio!
One of my favorite human beings of ALL TIME, @hardwick , is on this week's episode of #NotTooDeep ! We talk about all things great and terrible about ComicCon while @jackferry does Dyna Girl cosplay. It's a good one! Watch the full episode on @fullscreen !
Cool job, Chicago. Suhya! ✌🏻
@wendys brought me, @joselynhughes and @mametown to the Pitchfork Music Festival because WE LOVE LAUGHING AND FIELDS AND MUSIC AND SALADS!!!! We candidly ate Strawberry Mango Chicken Salads and candidly walked while smiling candidly and candidly hung our bodies on each other because we're effortlessly fun festival girls! Lolololol! #ad
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