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Well, sh*t. #NotTooDeep got a powerful dose of extraordinary double X chromosomes today. Get ready.
Hello, #tbt ! This photo came up via an unrelated google image search and I love it. Were we ever so young? Is this when we peaked? Why are we all so scared (except for Mamrie who's classically oozing sex)?
I got dragged. Link in my bio!
I opened up weird shit purchased from the internet and now I own this yodeling pickle. The pickle and I have fun. See what else I got! Link in my bio!
Yes! @alexisgzall is on an this week's extra spicy episode of #NotTooDeep ! Watch the full episode on @Fullscreen. Or listen to last week's episode with Willam Belli on iTunes and SoundCloud now for free!!
Day 2 with no voice. The adult female harshly realizes the grandiose amount of time she regularly spends talking out loud to herself and her dog on a daily basis.
My bffs, @harto and @mametown , competed in a ROUSING trivia match to see who knew me best! Because all good friendships deserve potential overly competitive rifts here and there! Find out who won! Link in my bio!
Thank you, @michaelianblack , for having me as a guest on your 'How To Be Amazing' podcast at #sfsketchfest and for creating a really thoughtful and wonderful conversation! If you haven't already listened to other episodes of How To Be Amazing YOU SHOULD! Treat yourself, assholes!
#GIAAATGTSHAGT (Girl-in-an-airport-about-to-go-to-SFSketchfest-having-a-great-time) I'm a guest on Michael Ian Black's live podcast, How To Be Amazing, TONIGHT at 7:30pm at Marine's Memorial Theater! Who's coming to the show??
Candid pic stolen from @mametown 's snapchat.
Vacation dad reviewed the red carpet fashions at the Golden Globes! Cowabunga! *audible sigh* LINK IN MY BIO!
They're back...soon.
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