Erica Rose ❤

16 year old Newfie girl, Army Cadet, and a Lover of music and art ❤

Great days with even better people ❤️❤️
Thanks to the wonderful people who made my birthday special ❤️ it was great and I'm glad I spent my day with you guys, even though I cried when you all started singing 😂❤️
Perfect days, beautiful views, missing this place so much ❤️💔😍
Missing the views of shearwater 😍❤️
I have had a wonderful few weeks with an amazing group of band kids❤️ tattoo was amazing with all of you guys around ❤️❤️ #rnsit2017 #bandlife
I love you so much❤️ I'm so glad I got to see you boo 😘❤️ @kaitlynhiltz
It was great to finally meet you ❤️ @jillian_rowan
Not a fan of dressing up but, I look pretty damn good ❤️👌🏻
Having a great time with some wonderful people❤️ #rnsit2017
So I'm having a great time in Halifax 😜😜
Having a pretty great time in Nova Scotia #rnsit2017
So I'm leaving today for 9 weeks and I'm so excited but also high key freaking out😫. On the up side I'm finished school for the summer ☺️
So I'm loving myself more than ever ❤️❤️
So I leave on Monday for nine weeks and I'm so happy I got some of my best friends before I left❤️💔I'm gonna miss you guys so much but it's only 9 weeks 😅 I can't wait to see you guys when I get home love you guys ❤️ gonna miss you so much 💔😘 @ryan_young8183 @byrneriley
Just another mirror selfie
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