Erica Rose ❤

16 year old Newfie girl, Army Cadet, and a Lover of music and art ❤

This sunset though 😍
Does it really get easier 🙄💔
I've honestly been so happy and confident these past few days ❤️❤️
Miss youu ❤️😂 @xx_paralyzed.memories_xx
Couldn't be more thankful for my best friend ❤️❤️ loves youu @ryan_young8183 😜
Feeling good ❤️
Loving myself ❤️❤️
Pretty successful year this year. Acr was amazing. I received my first medal and 3 other awards. And for my first year as drum major I'd say things went pretty great ❤️❤️
I kinda like how confidence looks on me ❤️❤️ #bodyposi #lovingmybody #lovingmyself #dirtymirror
She's honestly the best, I love her so much❤️
Even in the most stressful nights taking a selfie with you always make my week ❤️❤️ @rebekah.calbert @rebekahs.friendss #cadetlife #weeklyselfie
Really loving myself lately ❤️❤️
You can always find beauty in the small things❤️❤️
Another day pretty great day ❤️❤️ @pictureit_bella @kobelovell02 @rylan_boehm
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