💎 Luv the minis

Elliana ❤x2 and commentedx1 Alexus ❤x2 Maesi ❤x3 and commentedx1 Lilly ❤x2

Looking back at the haters like❤❤
Prettiest 9 year old ever
I'm not going to be on for a while:'(
Love this #ellixus
Both Liliana's are amazing I wish Abby could see that ❤-
Thanks Lilly❤
Thanks Alexus I nearly missed this!! @giggles_alexus
Alexus is so beautiful and she's only 9!!
Love that Alexus is supporting such a great cause @giggles_alexus
My idol just noticed me I'm screaming this made my day so much better!!❤❤
Ellianas make up is goals in this photo❗❗👌
Love that lipstick Elli!!😂👌
I can't believe this just happened ❤❗😱😭😂
Kisses from Lilly k
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