The future will be bright. Watch stuff 👇

GREAT DAY. Here’s the #Vidcon2017 for tomorrow. Let’s do it all over again. But bigger. Swipe through ➡️➡️ for Friday’s schedule #FullscreenFam
The world is in 2017 and vidcon over here in 3017. (📷: @aventurafamilia )
Tag that friend who makes you laugh even in the most awkward situations.
OG YouTuber. Fiercely himself. Props to @timothydelaghetto for always being the outrageous human he was born to be.
An artist submission from fan @TheDustinBuck. He says: “It can be hard to push yourself forward and to move passed the pack. However, it is essential that you keep progressing. You must standout from the crowd, because the world is a better place when everyone strives to create their own, unique legacy.” [EDITOR'S NOTE: Created for you, by you. This piece is a fan submission from our June exploration into the idea of nonconformity.]
Can we live?
For trying to bridge the divide. #thankyou @kendricklamar (🎨: @markerarts )
Go ahead, bite off a little more than you can chew.
Be on the right side #stopthehate
happy pride month -- make sure to be your most extra-est self (via @natemakuch )
When 5:30pm on Monday hits and you aren’t sure if seeing signs for cold brew everywhere is make-believe or real.
THUMBPRINT 003: “Clown casual, Performer, Artist, Gay man, I’ve started to grow more fearless with the way I describe myself, for example, “Sissy Faggot.” Collaborating on my current project has led me to be more proud of being gay, queer, and trans simultaneously. To me, non-conformity is more than just the way you dress or look but more about how you occupy a space and doing things you like because you like them not because they’re expected of you. For any artist, standing out and being seen as unique is important. If I’m trying to stand out, I enjoy that spotlight but sometimes I take for granted the perks of blending in. I love the center of attention when it’s on my terms.” - Van Jazmin, 26, Los Angeles
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