🌷Fenia Oik🌷

//Miss the way you make me feel// KalivasCamp🌊

All the best people are crazy🌹🍥
True friendship is when you walk into their house and the wifi is connected automaticly.💎♥ #iloveyou #3xroniaeinaiauta 👶💩💖
Miss the way you make me feel💊
Look me in my face Tell me that you love me even if its fake🙈🙉
You fit me better than my favorite sweater😋
Do you remember us under the light of a thousand stars?🌃 #edsheeran
I love you ,because I know you will be there for me when i need you, like i would do 💍💜
You weren't just a star to me You were the whole damn sky🌌☀ #tumblr
Μπανανες μπιτζαμες🍌👑 #baby 💖
💫Late night thoughts are all about you💫 #tumblr
💎Dont make her look stupid for loving you...💎
Bros before hoes💖😈 #2mhnesshmera
It is both blessing and a curse..To feel everything so deeply🙉💔
Tell me pretty lies, look me in my face , tell me that you love me ..Even if it's fake💔 #tenta 😢
🍁🍃🍁 #autumn
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