💣Fenia Oik💣

▫ ΙVIII💎 ▫ Να σκέφτεσαι.Γιατι η σκέψη ενώνει όσα η απόσταση χωρίζει.

"Δεν είναι ποτέ αργά να ξεκινήσεις από την αρχή.Ένας πίνακας είναι μόνο τελειωμένος όταν ο ζωγράφος αφήσει το πινέλο κάτω." #greekquotes #bern #tb
My love, how can i not be alright at the sight of such a breathtaking smile you have on your lips?💀👅 *Vol4
But the most beautiful things in life are not just things. They're people , and places , memories and pictures They're feelings and moments ,smiles and laughter💖 #iloveyou
Apreciate the little things💎
Xontroiii🍔 #not #markotheoseisai #tb
Take us back😢🔙 #tb #takeusback
Who needs boys when you got your best friends?💜 #5ημερη
"Lets save our love and come after years to see how it lasted " He said🔐💋
The best thing is to have a chance to travel the world with your favourite kind of people👼💓✈✈ #airplane #milano
O pio spastikos👼💪#milan
"Some nights i wish i could turn back to life .Not to change shit , just to feel a couple things twice"☀ #snapchat
Friends can break your heart too🌸🌼
Poly fainomai👿
"Beautiful to look at but too cold to touch"💫
When i first met you i didnt know that you would be so speciall to me👭 📷: @__glinmar__
Throw🔙 sto kalytero kalokairi..😔♥ #Kalivas2k16 #tb
💫look at the stars shine for you💫
All the best people are crazy🌹🍥
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