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The main aim of Resident Doctors BC is to raise awareness of what resident doctors do and to campaign for their rights. The organisation represents more than 1,300 resident physicians in the British Columbia area. This cheerful group posted an office selfie to the organisation’s Twitter page, showing that even amidst the rigours of the healthcare profession, there is always time for a fun office selfie. https://www.agent.media/lead/office-selfie-gallery-8-photos/ #ResidentDoctorsBC #vancouver #workplacewednesday #officeselfie #workselfie
Based in Kent, New Med strives to improve the quality of life of anyone who experiences pain. New Med is a family run company and the business is the largest provider of pulse electromagnetic therapy products in the UK. Some staff took this office selfie during a recent ‘workplace Olympics’ day of team-building activities. https://www.agent.media/lead/office-selfie-gallery-8-photos/ #newmed #kent #workplacewednesday #teambuilding #groupselfie #workselfie #agentmedia
NFU Insurance is an insurance services provider serving the National Farmers Union. The organisation provides life insurance, pensions and general insurance services to rural communities throughout the UK. To start off a recent week, some personnel from the Thirsk branch posted this office selfie to show that the Monday blues don’t exist in this workplace! https://www.agent.media/lead/office-selfie-gallery-8-photos/ #NFUmutual #Thirsk #workplacewednesday #workselfie #officeselfie #selfie
Search Swarm is a digital marketing company based in London. They provide SEO training, search analytics and technical consultancy. A few employees took this office selfie during a recent team-building session. https://www.agent.media/lead/office-selfie-gallery-8-photos/ #searchswarm #london #workplacewednesday #officeselfie #workselfie
OneStop Reporting is a consulting service that develops and sells software for Business Intelligence. The company specialises in financial reporting, budgeting, financial analysis, dashboards and web reporting. The crew was recently joined by six new colleagues, and sent this fun office selfie to Twitter to celebrate their expanding team. https://www.agent.media/lead/office-selfie-gallery-8-photos/ #workplacewednesday #officeselfie #workselfie #teamspirit #business #agentmedia
None of this "my hands look like this so hers can look like that" bullshit, every morning at 4am I chuck on my work gear and head to work to get stuck into it for 9 hours, and Jeremy does the same, Both our hands "look like this" so at the end of the week we can split our rent, bills, food shopping and whatever else needs to be payed! We both work hard and earn our way and work for what we want, we don't get things handed to us like some lucky buggers.. I enjoy us both coming home filthy, sweaty and grubby knowing we are climbing the "successful life ladder" together and knowing we will one day own our own home and have awesome shit to show off 😜 #workhardplayhard 🔧⛓⚙🔩🛠👏🏼 #sweatymess #everyday #workhard #workselfie #factorylife #couplesthatmatch #worklife #oil #grub #onedayatatime #headdownassup #eatsleepworkrepeat 💪🏼💸 and shoutout to every other couple who does the same 👏🏼👏🏼
GOOD MORNING.... this storm eh ....
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