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2 years ago I was counting change hoping I could get at least one loaf of bread and a carton of cheap eggs. The cheapest of the cheap and hoping it would last a few days for my kids and even some days I skipped breakfast so they could eat more 😞 Fast forward. I now buy the best of the best for my babies. I don't have to sneak in my kids room to snag some quarters. I don't have to budget with the last $5 in my bank account. And I no longer beat myself up feeling like I failed in some way. I started this side business with little expectation but lots of hope for change in my life. I was so darn tired of being broke all the time. It's crazy to me that I'm now making 5 figure paychecks doing it. Thank goodness I said "yes." Because with that decision came change of a life I had no clue was even possible... I know God placed this business in my life knowing how big my heart is and my wanting to help people. I love love giving where I can when I can. And so I use this business to help as many people as possible. I have 820 distributors underneath me so far but I've only just scratched the surface.♥️ Are you possibly interested in also earning some money..? Screenshot this and send back to me and we can chat!
I'm starting to learn how to manage my time better. This is one way as I hate waking around the supermarkets #ilovehomedelivery #timemanagement #myownbiz #workfromhome
Will you allow Minor setbacks cause you quit and give up? I sincerely hope not!
"There's a reason why airlines tell you to put on YOUR oxygen mask first..."⠀ ⠀ "You can't do shit for other people until you learn how to take care of yourself."
I've just discovered the Jamberry Disney wraps - how beauitiful 😍 and they do them for both adults and children. Would be great to do before a holiday in Disney as you don't have time to do your nails 👑❤ www.clairesjamberrynailwraps.com #jamberry #jamberrynails #jamicure #disney #disneyprincess #belle #beauty
This was the excitement of my morning!!!!!! Florida. In February!! The peek cold time for Seattle... I'm so stinking excited!!!! Sunshine. Warmth. Sand in my toes. And a whole lot of fun with my friends!!!! A little mini vaca for this mommy!!!!!!! 🙌🏼 AND ☝🏼 I CAN WRITE THE WHOLE DANG THING OFF ON MY TAXES! 😱 It's literally like a free vacation!!!!!! The benefits of owning my own side business!!!!
Grandiosa Oportunidad de negocio!!! Si tu quieres formar parte de la gran familia de Yes You Can!! Esta es tu oportunidad!!! Te invito a que te unas a mi equipo de coaches y asi tener tu propio negocio,inscribete como un yes you can coach entre el 17 y 18 de Octubre y recibiras un paquete de regalo sorpresa!!! Con tu activaciòn!!contactame para màs informaciòn!!!!☎️562-2124162 No dejes para mañana lo que puedes hacer hoy!!!! Conviertete en mi socia y junt@s llegaremos al exito #yesyoucancoach #Descuentos #YesYouCan #yesyoucancoach #yesyoucandietplan #salud #Nutrition #adelgaza #belleza #unidasporlanutricion #comesaludable #TransformChallenge #Dieta #enfoque #BajaDePeso #Lifestyle #BusinessOpportunity #DirectSales #OportunidadDeNegocios #WorkFromHome #Motivation #unidasporlanutricion #LoseWeight #Fit #BuenaSalud #BeYourOwnBoss #SupplementalIncome #alejandrochaban #networkmarketing
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