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I am Team Beachbody. In the last 10 years my life has been completed turned upside down and inside out but I wouldn't have it any other way. My life change truly began almost 8 years ago with the birth of my daughter. I was a shy, soft spoken house wife that never rocked the boat. I allowed myself to be told what to do, how to do it and allowed myself to be manipulated and walked upon. I lacked a backbone but I had a really big wishbone. I knew I wasn't living the life I wanted nor deserved. When my daughter was born she fell ill within 10 days of arriving into this world and her illness was ultimately caused by staying in a situation for far too long. The guilt that I harbored because I felt like I allowed it to happen to her was all consuming and I knew I had to make a change. I was told I would never make it on my own, I couldn't do it, that I was stuck and that was just life. I was belittled and worn down. I lost myself. For months I would run because that was my only outlet. When I wasn't running I was drinking and smoking. Heavily. My weight was the ONLY thing I had control over, but I was so unhealthy and desperately masking everything. I would have tears streaming down my face as I ran even harder trying to figure out how I was going to make this leap of faith. Once I started believing it was going to happen, it did just that. Doors starting opening, a place became available to move into, a job presented itself to me and the positivity just kept flowing. I had a job that I lacked passion for but it was moving my big picture dreams along so it worked. It eventually led me to my meeting my husband and a move from my home state of Georgia to Tennessee. When we moved to Nashville I was looking for a way to get healthy while sitting at an 8 hour a day desk job that left me completely drained. Upon our move I committed to a kickboxing membership for 9 months. It was a huge financial commitment and trying to find the time to get to class, work full time and be a present mother and wife posed as a challenge. My time was extremely limited and my weight was going nowhere. In order to have the endurance to make it through one kick boxing class I (in comments)
Jeg savner deg 😺😻 #WomanCrushWedensday
Omg!!! How gorgeous my friend @cieloemyli is??? Go and follow her right now, she got the best moves!!!plus she is a total sweetheart @cieloemyli #wcw #s4shoutout #womancrushwedensday
#WCW @lchfox IS THIS BABE! I think it's prettty self explanatory!! I hope everyone's Wednesdays have been as chilled and happy as mine has! #womancrushwedensday
My #wcw is the wonderful @jesamieflossart (peoni sgh) she is such a bright spark in this world and so enjoyed meeting her last week. Go and check out this super cutie on suicidegirls #hopefulsuicidegirl #sghselfie #sghopeful #sg_au #suicidegirls #womancrushwedensday #redhead
It's not even Wednesday and I couldn't resist! This Amazingly gorgeous woman is Kiersey Clemons! 😍 Ugh words can't describe how head over heels I have been for this girl! I've thought she was cute from the moment I saw her on Austin & Ally (first time I saw her, know she's been acting longer than that and on other shows). She was funny on this show, and then when I moved with my dad cable wasn't really an option, so I would not see her again until I moved out and got my PS4. This is when I would see her again in the show Eye Candy! Oh my lord...😱 My ex didn't like I was so head over heels for her! Haha I would say,"OH MY GOD!!! WHY IS SHE SO GORGEOUS?" People think it's weird but I only watch shows/movies cause of her. Lol Eye Candy (after I found out she was in it, only reason I kept watching it.), Dope, & Bad Neighbors 2. I have honestly hated the cast for the DC movies other than Ben for bat, and wanted them to incorporate the flash TV cast for the movie... HOWEVER, when I found out she was playing Iris West??? BEST THING THAT DC EVER DID! πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ Now cause of her I'm even more excited for the rise of our DC movies! Trailers are becoming amazing for JL, and Kiersey is Iris! She is a year younger than me, and her birthday is 10 before mine! πŸ˜πŸŽ―πŸ’― She is always smiling with her amazing smile and extremely happy! Honestly her energy helps me push thru my days! Kiersey, you're amazing, I adore you and love you, continue to be happy and inspire people like me, can't wait to see you as Iris, and you deserve the best and nothing less! Stay blessed and you deserve the title of...#womancrusheveryday #goddess & you are also my #womancrushwedensday ! Oh...Did I mention she can rock any hairstyle??? Short hair is my favorite on her, cause not many woman can pull it off!
To the most amazing woman I've met, thank you for being you with me and being the most wonderful, thoughtful girlfriend I could dream of. Your always making me smile and be creative for that your My woman crush every day! @nconklin1995 #wcw #womancrushwedensday #wensday #love #amazing #dopepic #crush #creative #wonderful #smile #smile big #thoughful
95% laughing 24/7 , 5% serious. But we make it threw everything if it weren't for you the past couple weeks I don't know what I would have done. You have kept me sane, in check, and happy. Even when we fight I still care about you. Those feelings will never go away. You truly are the greatest blessing that has ever happened to me. God has strange ways of working. Thank you baby for being the greatest person I've ever known and come to love. #thatsmygorgeousgirlfriend #wcw . #wce . #womancrushwedensday #secretlysheisamodel #imissher @krysta.marie__
Oooh... can't wait for this. πŸ–€β€#Repost @authorscole ・・・ My #WCW has to go to Caroline. She's someone's everything. Find out who in my new WIP when it releases! #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #writerlife #readingissexy #MAD #authorscole #womancrushwedensday #fictionalcharacter
Lucretia may have been super sad and dishonored, but she still rocked a dress #womancrushwedensday #SaloninaIStillLoveYou #ButLucretiaIsntBadLooking
πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šβœ¨βœ¨ #Repost @authorscole with @repostapp ・・・ My #WCW has to go to Caroline. She's someone's everything. Find out who in my new WIP when it releases! #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #writerlife #readingissexy #MAD #authorscole #womancrushwedensday #fictionalcharacter
My #WCW has to go to Caroline. She's someone's everything. Find out who in my new WIP when it releases! #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #writerlife #readingissexy #MAD #authorscole #womancrushwedensday #fictionalcharacter
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