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I met someone years ago Or shall i say something I was swaying my waist to the blow Of the beat through the beats I hear someone screaming,drowning so i bolt, i ran trying to reach the person aiming at the sun "If i ran ,the sea will swallow me!" I thought but my mind was blinded by the strong rays of the sun "Please" i begged my mind to stop running or we will both die but i couldn't Now The sun rays were cold The icy water felt like razors on my legs I winced as the melted ice reached my stomach "I will die!" I screamed to no one but mysef but with no avail I was taking the trail Of my death When i reached this someone i felt my heart skip a beat as i only saw the sprinkles of the salt on my glowing iris I move my face around frantically trying to find anything I searched everywhere but suddenly i got a flashback of my life Or shall i say the new Horror movie I dont regret my decision to throw myself in the blue hell-like heaven "I knew i had to someday" I thought to myself as the salty water fills my lungs Who might this person be And i found out it was me I blink the salty water away from my eyes " deja-vu " i mumble my last words after all the lies i feel the angels close my eyes as i lay lifeless on the sea bed I dreamed of the mermaids carrying me across the ocean Kissing my forehead Singing "now you are not alone" smiling a 'deadly' smile "welcome home"
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