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Wear or tear ??
How many languages can you speak? -3
good morning 💕
freaking goals 😍
i found my woman crush
comment a random thought - Jess @wreckcalifornia
She's so pretty😍
Blue hair 💙💦💙💦
#tbt ✨rocking that body and the VS runway ☄️ #mirandakerr
I'm sh😍😍k! - qotp: cats or dogs?
good morning ☀️
What's your favourite pizza toppings?
Want this 😍😍
Good morning (my picture)💙
Life's better when your laughing xx
What's your name?
morning xx
My heart and mind never seem to find common ground
(i feel called out) also !! that concludes my mini spam on this year's #womensmarch and sucks that i wasn't able to be a part of it but i thought maybe posting about it could also make even just a small difference with making people aware. my feed looks amazing now tbh.
I made plans and the person didn't show up yay.
Donuts or cupcakes? For me it's donuts😍
Oops I just waked up at 11:20am #qotd what are your fave flowers? #aotd idk I like a lot😅😂❤
instead of using the words "fat" and "thin" to describe a body, use the words "healthy/unhealthy". using the word "fat" to describe someone who's actually healthy may give them the wrong impression about their body, and its same for using the word skinny/thin. its so stupid of us sometimes, because when we're promoting "beauty beyond size" we actually should be promoting healthy bodies, and not obese bodies. i seriously don't get when someone is thin everyone is like "omg goals" and nothing like that is ever said when someone is chubby, and it's worse because those people think that they're not beautiful. HEALTHY BODY SHOULD BE GOALS. NO MATTER HOW THIN OR CHUBBY IT IS! HEALTHY IS BEAUTY! and i always always make it a point to mention, in all my caps about bodies, that if you are healthy, you're perfect. always promote health. it's true, everyone has a different body. but just because you're a bit chubby doesn't mean you're gonna just blame being chubby on your body, and just because you're skinny doesn't fuckin mean you're starving yourself to stay that way. this is where we're wrong! promote exercise, proper food and health; and instead of saying "all bodies are beautiful", make it "all HEALTHY bodies are beautiful" because they actually are
each time we face our fear , we gain strength, courage, and confidence in ourselves
"art is a lie that makes us realize the truth"-picasso🎆
have you ever tried voss water?💧
comment "❄️" to be tag buddies
iPhone 6 or iPhone 7?✨-s @txmblah.cum
Guess who found her old account!!!
Are you blonde or brunette?
Good morning Q. Chicken wings or burger?
Morning ❤ Do you have freckles ?!
@jurassic Moved by ur words... Speechless.. U basically just summarized my whole day. Sometimes I can't see the light but I only see darkness can't find a way or a path out. 💥 #angelinajolie but then eventually you'll see electric light. That changed everything
May your Sunday be lazy af
Sleep only!! 🌛
Ain't you ever seen a princess...
Still crying cuz I couldn't participate in the women's march... So disappointed... #cry
I am so sick:( I have the worst sore throat ever and cough and headache kms
― ♡ QOTP: What's your favorite video game/computer game? [ I don't play as many games as I'd like to, or can afford to, but I do want to try The Last of Us ✌ ]
Don't you just love accidentally knocking tf out and waking up a century later feeling well rested for the first time in your life
This girl is 14!!!??? 😩😩 -meshika, @meshikaa
aww this is so cute💞-s @txmblah.cum
Let's go have fun!
usual theme will be disrupted later with pics of the #womensmarch
Yes or no?
Do u ever just want to go outside in the middle of the night and walk around and not actually do anything just observe and think and stuff?
cuties 😍 @selenagomez #selenagomez
teen wolf is my fav tv show atm
boi i had to🥔😻
Shameless is so good im@
Tag buddies anyone 💫
I didn't choose the aesthetic life, it chose me #art
lmao+pls tag her idk😂
I wanna fly more ✈️
what time is it where you are? ✨
Be more acctive guys ( love you all) ❤💛-H
i'm done for the night 🌹
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