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Breakfast with a #proteinshake #cantaloupe #peaches #🍑
PERFECT DAY 🌤 to grill up some burgers for lunch! 💪🍔 #cookout #merica
Post Christmas break flat and fat vs 3 days post show full as heck, lean, and still very spray tanned. These 5 months I made the craziest progress of my life and didn't have a training partner. I saw in my mind what I wanted to become and trained as hard as possible every day to get there, and I did. As simple and cliche as it is, If you believe it you can achieve it. #transformation #transformationthursday
Something never change, even when we do❤#mirrorpic #tbt #throwbackthursday #transformation
3 hard, consistent years of training. No juice here, just pure sweat, blood and tears to get to where I am at. 🐍#transformationtuesday #transformation #tbt
Anyone else crazy for good fats like me? #1 tip: watch your portions 😋 You can easily devour tons of calories without even knowing! Measure! Or be like me and purchase individual calorie packs!
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