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My perception of life changes with each passing moment as the situation changes. Each situation comes with a set of expectations and whether or not my expectations are met, or exceeding, determines my overall satisfaction and well-being. It's easy for me to see that my expectations are based on my perception and solely dependent on me. I have internal self control to change my perception and set my expectations each and every moment. I expected to spend the day at the beach practicing yoga and meditating in the sun. Instead, I woke up swollen from head to toe, barely able to walk, and in extreme pain. I know that I would be very disappointed to continue thinking that I would be headed to the beach so I changed my expectations to be more aligned with the situation. I could waste the day being angry, depressed, or sad but I know that another day will come where I will be at the beach and that I should find a way to enjoy today. I have barely left the bed because walking is too painful but I am still having a rather lovely day. Today might not be what I had planned, but I always ask for a rest day and now I have one. My life is entirely my perception so why not perceive it the best way I can? #yourlifeisyours #changeyourperspective #dontwasteyourtime #severepain #lifeishowyoumakeit #changeyourperception #chronicpain #herniateddisc #bedridden #todayisaboutyou #leadthelifeyoulove #beachyogi #degenerativediscdisease #loveyourheart #captainsebastian
Sa nu uiti niciodata cine esti, sa nu lasi oamenii sa te transforme. Nu uita ca esti un om minunat, ca ai in tine puteri nebanuite de a schimba lumea in bine. Traieste frumos, cauta sa insemni ceva in fata oamenilor, retrage-te atunci cand simti ca nu mai apartii unui loc sau unui suflet si ia-o de la inceput.. ori de cate ori va fi nevoie.. eu o sa iti fiu alaturi. La multi ani! ❀️#proudtobeyours #friendship #todayisaboutyou #behappy #birthdaygirl #loveyou
#happybirthday #todayisaboutyou #alliwantforyouishappiness #lionz πŸ˜πŸ‘±πŸŽ‚πŸΎπŸ‘·
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