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🇺🇸🛫🎩One year ago.🎩🛬🇯🇵 It's been one year since I came to Japan by myself, completely out of nowhere, to meet someone. I didn't know any Japanese. I'd never been overseas alone before, and I'd only seen Japan in pictures and movies. But I guess one of the best parts of being alive is doing things because your heart says "this is right" and never looking back. After I went on that trip, I came home and realized I was free. ありがとう. #faketype #throwback #netrap #japan
Throw back to when my hair looked like this... and yes I’m using a razr.... wth #throwback #hairstyles #hairextensions #razr #iguessso
I forgot how beautiful Minnesota is. Home sweet home 💙 #throwback #butiwouldntmoveback #sorrynotsorry
The NZ U16 Mixed Development teams looking sharp 👌🏼 swipe left for yesterdays results. Both teams will be playing at Palm Beach Touch Association at 10am and 11am (Australian time) If you're in that area head on down to show your support! 👊🏼 #nztouch
#throwback when I went to Victoria, British Columbia 🇨🇦
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