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Exit Here • Quitting sucks, but sometimes ya just gotta know when you're beat. Not anything specific that brought this up, I just tend to be stubborn (or determined, depending on how you wanna view it)
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Making the move to Helsinki today.....to say I am excited would just a tiny little bit of an understatement. Let the adventure begin
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In the midst of all the shit, sometimes I scream out 'why'? But coming out of it I see the way it has made me stronger for the journey a head. As I breathe in I realize my commitment before coming here; to gain more knowledge and step up to the challenges and opportunities of growth. This world isn't made for any of us to be stagnant, and the energetic pulls with the universe makes it almost impossible to be. I've experienced time and time again how uncomfortable this life can be. But I know that if I'm still breathing there's still growth happening; and for the most part it's not fun, its not pretty, and it's fucking hard. Just trust in that still small voice, that's been with you since before your first breathe. It knows your light, it knows your truth, and it'll always remember your sweet song that'll lead you home.❤️
Got a few edits to make from the Ocean Ally gig, they'll be up soon. Just enjoy some more b&w.
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