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So this is a new account im trying to build it up slowly. Im 18 and im depressed etc.. i will use my own voice in audios and i will start writing own quotes when this account get more followers but yeah i will do this slowly because good things take time. I hope everyone is doing alright if not you can dm and i will do my best to understand and try being there. ❤️ #depressed #depressedquotes #sadquotes #sad #teens #suicidésquad #suicidal #tired #life
Here some #tbt about depression because we need more understanding and compassion for those who suffer from it. #Repost @thepatricenicole with @repostapp ・・・ 1. Depression can be genetic Emerging research is finding that depression may be biologically wired. A new study found certain locations in human DNA may be associated with the disorder. Using data from 23andMe, a company that studies genes, scientists discovered there are approximately 15 genes in our chemical makeup that could be involved with depression. They’re the same genes that correspond with the development of neurons in the brain. ------------------ 2. It's a physical illesss Depression has very real physical symptoms in addition to its emotional components. People with the mental health disorder often experience changes in appetite, headaches and disrupted sleep. --------------------- 3. It can affect your work One of the hallmark symptoms of depression is a lack of motivation, which can make a mark on a person’s professional life. It’s estimated that the mental health condition costs employers $44 billion dollars in lost productivity per year, according to the University of Michigan Depression Center. -------------------- 4. It can lead to suicide when it is severe. Psychological disorders can be serious ― that’s why mental health care and compassionate attitudes are so crucial. Mental illness plays a role in approximately 90 percent of suicides, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. --------- 5. Huge stigma Negative stereotypes surrounding mental health conditions are still very much a reality. Mental health terms are often used as fodder for insults or thrown around casually in a conversation. Many people also wrongly associate mental illness with violence. All of these behaviors can lead to false perceptions about mental health conditions. Solutions: 🔑Talk to your doctor about your symptoms
•sometimes i get sad for no reason. but it's not really sadness, it's more of an empty feeling that makes me feel like absolute shit• • •DMs always open• • •stay safe, stay alive• • {tags: #depression #depressed #anxiety #suicide #sad #suicidal #cutting #grunge #ana #sue #selfharmmm #sadness #selfharm #pinkaesthetic #quotes #selfhate #lonely #razorcut #death #hurt #crying #dark #secretsociety #secret_society123 #secretsociety1234 #ritzen #wanttodie }
Sorry my page been weak af lately
you say I'm pretty. I say I'm hideous. you say I'm smart. I say I'm a failure. you say I'm a great friend. I say I'm worthless. you say my body is fine. I say it's not perfect and scarred. you say things will get better. I say it's been years and nothing has changed. you say I mean a lot to you. I say that's bullshit. see, whatever you say doesn't change what my mind has made me think. I'll forever be, the unwanted.
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