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Saw this lovely graffiti while walking to work. #StopTrump
Just called, it's super easy.
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< SWIPE LEFT > < WARNING! MENTION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT > —� My Thoughts: A #metoo hashtag has been trending all over social media, thousands of r*pe/Sexual assault survivors are coming forth and being very brave by telling their story. Just because someone’s celebrity status, or because their a male, does NOT mean they can’t be sexually assaulted. Females can also be the r*pist. Anyone can go through that. It’s truly sickening that someone can do that to another. And the fact that millions of victims are scared to come forth because of the police and media treating THEM as the suspect. It shouldn’t matter what someone is wearing!! It should matter that someone would even have the thought in their head to assault someone because of how they’re dressed. We need to stop trying to “fix” the surface, and instead start at the root of the problem, the r*pist!! Raise your kids the right way. Also, I probably will not be posting about #harveyweinstein because every time I think about what he has done, or come across his photo on social media, I feel sick to my stomach. This man needs to be locked up, not be put into a rehab, he needs to BE BEHIND BARS! ____ Tags: #harveyweinstein #sexualassault #stoprapeculture #stoptrump #stopviolenceagainstwomen #lovetrumpshate #wemustunite #wemustfightback #activism #socialjustice #resist #raiseyourkidsright #lovetrumpshate #wemustunite #wemustfightback #activism #socialjustice #resist
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