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Feeling stressed or anxious? Maybe you need a probiotic! The strains in our probiotic have been clinically-demonstrated to help improve your health and your mood! Its exceptional formula delivers 8 diverse probiotic strains that reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, reduce GI distress, and rebalance your gut microflora, dramatically improving your health and happiness. Benefits * Helps reduce feelings of stress & improve mood * Helps reduce GI distress * Stabilizes stress hormones & promotes relaxation * Supports a healthy immune system * Helps relieve bloating & bowel discomfort Features * 20 billion CFU * 8 clinically-documented strains * Delayed release capsule * PlexiPak bottle to safeguard probiotics * Gluten Free, 100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO ✅ Click the link in my bio to learn more about VitalBiome! These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
I am not now, nor will I ever be perfect. Especially where stress and food is concerned. My relationship with the pair is complicated and messy. I strive for a healthy balance and often fall far short of the mark but sometimes I prevail! Will I give up? No! Just like with everything else that's difficult, I try to learn from my mistakes, ask for help when I need it, take responsibility for my actions, and just do the best I can. If you're struggling with something today, will you ask for help?
Hurricane Relief with friends! 🍷🍹 #stlouismoms #weneededthis #doesntlooklikenighttime
Sorry little fish, but - I did NOT enjoy the fishy burps I experienced after I took my old fish oil capsules! 
Luckily, now I get all of my Omega’s from plant sources! 🌱 I take 2 at night along with my Probio5 and I fall into a lovely, deep sleep. 😴 Our MegaX contains Omega 3, 6, 9, 5 and 7 all in one small, easy to swallow, sustainable, ALA and SDA-rich, heart and brain health softgel. •Research suggests that omega-3s may help lower triglyceride levels. Lower levels of triglycerides are associated with good health, especially cardiovascular health.
•Supports normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which can help promote cardiovascular health.
•Helps with stress management
•Aids in relaxation
•Some research suggests that omega-3s may have a positive effect on gradual memory loss linked to aging
•No worries about potential marine contaminants, mercury from fish, or PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls)
•AHIFLOWER® Oil is the only identity-preserved, non-GMO source of SDA produced following the proprietary Crop Assured 365® identity preservation and quality assurance methods
•Sustainable and renewable. Other omega products use fish oil and krill oil, which cause concerns regarding overfishing and sustainability (krill and small oily fish such as pilchard, sardine, and anchovy are a primary food source for many endangered marine mammals)
•AHIFLOWER® Oil offers superior levels of SDA in comparison to other naturally occurring plant sources, providing approximately 60% more SDA than echium oil and 5-10 times more than hempseed oil. ✅ Click the link in my profile to learn more about our plant based MegaX!
"You'd never invite a thief into your house. So why would you allow thoughts that steal your joy to make themselves at home in your mind?" ~ TOMMY NEWBERRY Don't let those negative 'weeds' grow in your garden! Pull them up by the roots so that positivity has room to grow!! How do you keep your thoughts on the bright side?
🍂 It’s time to turn over a new leaf with your health! 🍂 📚 Informational Event on Facebook! 💰 NO Purchase! 🎁 Chance to Win Prizes! Starts Wednesday the 20th. Comment or message me for details!
There's fungus among us! Have you ever heard of Candida? Candida is a fungus, which is a form of yeast. A very small amount of it lives in your mouth and intestines. Its job is to aid with digestion, nutrient absorption and it also helps to decompose your body when you die. The problem is, Candida is like any other yeast....it feeds on SUGAR! When overproduced, candida breaks down the wall of the intestine and penetrates the bloodstream releasing toxic byproducts into your body and causing leaky gut. Since it's original job is to decompose your body, guess what it does when it gets out of control and grows elsewhere? Here's a list of a few of the problems it can cause: * Chronic fatigue * Brain fog * Digestive issues * Recurring yeast infections * Oral thrush * Sinus infections * Food allergies/intolerances * Fungal infections on the skin and nails * A weak immune system * Joint pain * Low mood * Carb cravings * Attention issues * Insomnia How can you combat this? One thing that could radically change your life is a little enzyme called "chitosanase" that targets and breaks down the hard shell of candida. Click the link in my bio for Probio5 and check the ingredient label!
If you’re working on losing weight, incredible as it may seem, water is quite possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat. Water helps maintain proper muscle tone by giving muscles their natural ability to contract and by preventing dehydration. It also helps to prevent the sagging skin that usually follows weight loss - shrinking cells are buoyed by water, which plumps the skin and leaves it clear, healthy, and resilient. Sometimes drinking our eight glasses of water a day (or whatever your goal for water intake may be) can be a real challenge. Here are some tips to help you accomplish that feat! - Make it convenient - keep a big, plastic, insulated water bottle full on your desk and reach for it all day. - When you have a junk-food craving, down a glass of water
immediately. You feel full quickly and avoid the calories, and it lets
time pass till the craving fades. - Have one glass every hour on the hour while at work. When the work day is done your water quota is met. - Freeze little bits of peeled lemons, limes, and oranges and use them in place of ice cubes - it's refreshing and helps get in a serving or two of fruit. - Don't allow yourself a diet soda until you've had two to four glasses of water. You will find that you won't want the soda any more or that just half a can is enough. - Carry a small refillable water bottle at all times and drink during
downtime; while waiting in a bank line, sitting on the train, etc. -Bring a two-liter bottle of water to work and try to drink it all before you leave work. If you don't finish, drink it in traffic on the way home - it's like a race. - Add drinking two glasses of water to your daily skincare regimen. Drink, cleanse, moisturize, etc., then drink again. -Source - Donald S. Robertson, M.D., M. Sc
"My future starts when I wake up every morning..." Miles Davis Leave the past behind. It's too heavy to carry and just slows you down.
The weather is turning cooler and soon our trees will begin to change as well. I took this picture last year on our annual family fall drive. This special day has become even more precious since my girls have gone off to college. What family tradition do you look forward to? . . . . . . #falldrive #fallweather #fallleaves #allgrownupnow #familytraditions #stlouismoms #missourimom #showmehealth #fabulousover50 #emptynester #ssgseptember #5wordc
How can it feel like this was taken yesterday and at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago? They’re both in college now and I still do what I can to be sure they’re safe, well, and happy. A few things are different. I remember worrying about them looking both ways before crossing the street coming home from school. Now I worry about them driving at night . What’s the same? I still help them stay as healthy as possible by being sure they don’t run out of their supplements! Absorbable multivitamin, pre and probiotics, and a gentle daily cleanse to keep the junk moving out of their system!
A fun story about this gorgeous lady. I met her back in 2012 when she started dating my best friend. Actually, I met her in a Walmart parking lot in the middle of the night during Black Friday 😂 They got married, and now they are expecting their first baby at the end of the month! My little niece will be spoiled and loved by all. Congrats to Kyle and Taylor!!! @taylorbraylariviere @kyleadam91 #cjp #stlouismaternityphotographer #stlouismaternity #stlmaternity #missourimaternityphotographer #missourimaternity #beautifulmama #stlmoms #stlouismoms #missouriphotographer #stlphotography #stlphotographer #lensflare #missouribaby #stlouisbaby #stlbaby
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