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[O N E] unique & [T W O] basics. We can't get enough of these studded sandals, black blouse and printed skirt. What will you be wearing this spring? Come visit us to find out! . . . #stlmom #springbreak2017 #springfashion #dotdotdashboutique #dotdotdash #stlfashion #stlouismom #streetstyle #stlouis #stl #boutique #boutiqueshopping #shoplocal #shoes #skirts #blackoutfit #fashion #fashiongram
Loving the white blouse with the unbelievably comfortable jean skirt. Spring fashion is always better with a statement necklace. Don't you agree? Stop by to try on our new items! . . . #stlouismom #shopboutique #stlfashion #stlouis #dotdotdashboutique #shoplocal #womensfashion #demun #dotdotdash #jeanskirt #springbreak2017 #springfashion
If google can't help me, who can?!
Still on a high after last night's first class from our Bradley Method series! It's a tiny, but mighty class with THE coolest, sweetest couple! I'm so honored to be a part of their journey in this capacity. Our first class focused prenatal exercises, next week we tackle nutrition 🍎🍌🥑🥚🍳🍠🥕!
Absolutely IN LOVE with the new Dot Dot Dash basics. Stylish, simple, chic, and comfortable. Is there anything better than a basic? Come see how soft they are! . . . #stlfashion #basicootd #shopboutique #stlouismom #stlouis #dotdotdashboutique #shoplocal #comfort #tshirt #basics #stapleitem #springfashion #springbreak #comfyoutfit #comfyclothes #comfyshirt
Do you use the elastic ribbon hair ties? We've got something better! These are seriously amazing and able to hold up the thickest of hair without stretching out. Plus, they look pretty on your wrist when you're over the updo. Stop by this weekend to get yours! - - #stlfashion #hairstyles #updo #workouthair #shopboutique #shoplocal #stlouis #stlouismom #springday #springfashion #dotdotdashboutique #springbreak #springbreak2017 #hairties #hairtiedup #hairtips
Good luck fellow moms. May their naps be long today and everyday.
Ok moms, let's be honest- how often do you go out in public and just cross your fingers that no one sees you? This classic example is brought to you by last night's pajamas (me & him) making a last minute run to the grocery store for Sweet Potatoes. We got in and out with out seeing anyone we knew. #phew
Casual, comfortable wear for a day in the park or one filled with errands. Come check out the new dot dot dash line today! #streetstyle #casualstyle #dotdotdashboutique #shopboutique #stlouismom #stlouis #stlfashion
Cheers to daylight savings, you guys! And thank God for our husbands. @mamabearstl joined me for drinks tonight at #plantershouse and we talked pregnancy, birth planning, gender reveals and well, how many drinks it takes to survive a time change as a parent. Check out her insta page, you'll wanna sign up for her classes ASAP. Trust me. 👍🏼
Paper flowers, anyone? These beauties are headed to a French Patisserie here in STL. @kittvillasis First wall set-up gig outside of my own little corner at home. Nervous much. ... ... #frenchbakerydecor #newbakeryinstlouis #flowerdecor #walldecor Got walls? Got weddings? Let's chat! ... #paperflower #papercrafts #handmade #stlouis #stlouismom #miprimabelleflowers #flowers #girls #babies #homedecor #kids #momlife #home #storedecor
My heart swells with love & gratitude whenever I look at these pictures of my husband/best friend/partner as he coached me through labor with our daughter. I kept my eyes closed for much of the labor, so I didn't have many visual memories of him from that day. But so many of my other senses were heightened that I vividly remember how strong & loving his arms felt, how warm & comforting his skin felt against mine, & how his scent kept me calm & grounded. When our photographer delivered our photos, I was blown away by how perfectly these photos reflected how he felt to me on that day - full of love, compassion, respect, and concern. Ladies, let's empower our partners in this beautiful journey towards parenthood. They deserve to be empowered, too. 💗- Michelle
Today- We have a NEW, BETTER breastfeeding education curriculum for pregnant mothers. STORK is looking for three soon-to-be moms who will receive our curriculum for FREE & provide us with feedback! It's first come, first serve. Comment here for details!!
There's no way out other than through it - learn how to make your baby's birth the safest, most positive experience possible with Mama Bear Birth Services!
I'm not saying that breastfeeding is the only way but with truths like this, wouldn't you want to at least try?!? Let us help you if you're struggling! Let us educate you! Stork is here to help!!
These sheets by @the_clothcollective. Swoon. 😍
Classes are offered in the comfort of my home in Webster Groves, MO. As a pregnant momma, meeting in our instructor’s home was one of my favorite things about our series (lots of seating options, a warm/cozy family environment, and easy access to a clean bathroom – which can all agree is super important to pregnant women!). Classes include: • Comprehensive education on pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postnatal care. • Enrichment through teacher instruction, class discussion, interactive activities, video presentations, and "homework" assignments. • Emotional support from me (as your Bradley instructor), my husband (who will join us on occasion as a “guest speaker” to offer his coaching perspectives & answer any questions you may have about the coaches role), and from other class participants. • Exercise demonstrations and practice. • Nutritious snacks for mom, dad, and baby. • Relaxation training for the mind and body. • A student workbook. • Access to my lending library of books, videos, and supplemental resources.
Conversations about Moonlight & La La Land- and I'm over here pulling for Zootopia. You?
It still feels like yesterday that I was washing & folding these for the first time - with my sweet babe tucked safely in my belly & me dreaming of our first meeting. The memories of being pregnant & preparing for our babies are some of my favorite memories of all time. (Note: yard sale prepping makes this mama extra emotional)
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