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Need one of these in my life like asap 😻
;; "we don't believe what's on tv" 💗 #joshuadun #tylerjoseph #twentyonepilots
Base: @maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in B2 @katvondbeauty Shade and Light Contour Kit 👀: @bhcosmetics Marble pallette in Warm Stone @nichido_ph Liquid Liner Brows: @elfcosmetics Eyebrow Duo in Light 👄: @nyxcosmetics_philippines Lip Lingerie in Cabaret Show + @detailmakeover Stannic Liquid Lip in Polaris (center of lip)
Happiness is: 😊 *excuse le writing*
*ೃ༄ "If you ran like your mouth,you'd be in good shape" __________ We didn't do the presentation cause of the eclipse jsjcjdo
I just want to eat ass and be at peace for once, but life will always screw me over and for some reason I keep adding to my own misfortune. Hence this gloomy and dramatic, shitty black and white image
taken by; @fehoe anywho I hope you know who you are♥️🤧
That summer forever in our hearts. #SUMMER2013
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