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First date together in two months! I've missed you, bestie! Thanks for always being there for me even when we have the craziest schedules right now + can't spend every waking moment together!
Happy weekend💛🍍🌞
Get @ me 🙌🏻
Charm City
it's pretty much rained every weekend in dc for the last forever. so i'm soaking in these perfect, sunny saturdays when they come. today's looked like a patio brunch at @barreldc with the one and only @yahnayy , picking up a new book, buying some peaches for a dessert i'm dying to bake, finding the prettiest little earrings at eastern market, and now singing with some of my favorites at church. ☀️🍑🎤
COLLEYVILLE • It might be a wet Sunday tomorrow, but come stay dry and hang with us at one of our 3 services ☔️ Also, go ahead and follow @covlive to see what's going on here and at our other amazing campuses. See you Sunday!
Missing these Cascade blues
I love my Saturday morning coffee like I used to love Saturday morning cartoons! #liveyourdream
A car is a complex piece of machinery with many inter-working components. Some vehicle owners do a fantastic job of keeping their car top-notch. Others of us, not so much. Have you ever seen a car parked on the street where it's obvious the owner isn't that concerned for their vehicle's well-being? You know, the outside of the tires are bald, it's dirty, the clear-coat on the paint has eroded away, one of the turn-signal lights is missing; their car is just slowly decomposing without much intervention of the owner! Then there are those who keep their car on a tight maintenance schedule, even down to the 3,000 mile oil changes. You know who you are! It's no wonder your cars seem to run strong for decades and look great too! I think our inspiration is the same. It's a complex system of many inter-working components. A lot of factors go into influencing how inspired we are; diet, exercise, sleep, rest, quality of relationships, our goals, and so on. I can't just say to myself, "self, be inspired!" like a magic spell that suddenly changes my inner-world. But I can carefully steward and invest in all the components that produce inspiration. Are you doing that? It doesn't sound as attractive to go for a run and eat some kale, and when someone asks, "what are you doing?" you say, "I'm getting inspired!" Many of us fall into the trap of looking at other people who seem highly inspired and think it must just be their personality. But inspiration is not limited to any personality types, any more than having a nice car is limited to a personality type. If you choose to neglect the components that go into a nice car it rots. If you choose to neglect the components that produce inspiration it whithers. Are you concerned for your inspiration's well-being, or is it parked on the street with bald tires, peeling paint, and a cracked windshield! Your inspiration is your responsibility. /// #selfawareness #selfleadership #inspiration
It's gonna be HOT today, wishing I was back at the falls to jump in!
Sunset over the mountains. 🌄Throwback to our roadtrip through Montana.
movement from the heart, freedom. saturday flow inspired by @fpmovement. who is coming to class @fpsoutheast tomorrow morning?! rsvp below if you haven't already! can't wait! ☼☽
Oyuna getirdi dünya , hepimizi .
Picking up this book for the first time in a long time. I can't remember the last time I read a fiction book and let my mind wander with the worlds created by the language written on a page. What a refreshing reminder to just let your mind wander at times. Simplicity in life is necessary when schedules become busy.
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