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Checking out mamas old stomping grounds #statecapitol #shopsmall #supportsmallbusiness #slyfoxthreads #kidlife
My shirt pretty much says it all. High fives and good vibes. Pretty much can sum up the reason on WHY I decided to start coaching. Okay okay....let's be real here....I started because I wanted to 25% discount on my Shakeology. What happened after that, I could have ever predicted. Coming from a place of feeling alone, trapped, not loving my self, not liking what I saw in the mirror, always comparing myself to others, never making time for myself, and all around not feeling good about myself....NEVER in a million years would it had every crossed my mind that my life would change just by coaching. . . I guess your wondering why coaching has changed my life so much. And why I love it so much!! Well I will tell you!! I get to work on me every single day! I strive to be the best version of myself so I can be the best wife and mommy I can be. I am supported daily by a group of amazing woman. Woman who inspired the shit out of me!!! I get to pay it forward by helping others start their journey! Help others feel the way that I feel....which is amazing!! Side effects from coaching are pretty amazing! I know that the leap maybe scary, but I can tell you this...life freaking changing!!!! This can change you life!!! . . If you ever want to chat more about coaching, please don't ever hesitate to reach out!! Stephmanderscheid@gmail.com . . . #transformationtuesday #behebestyou #betruetoyou #positivemindset #positivity #noexcuses #slyfoxthreads #makeithappen
Slyfox threads hoodie vguc except for the slit at the top to widen neckhole 12/18m $18 #slyfoxthreads
Respect your mother 😍👌🏼 #slyfoxthreads #kidlife
Can we be apart of her girl squad?! 😍 #slyfoxthreads #kidlife #squadgoals
I'm really missing these two (and the ocean) this morning. ❤☀️🌊#untilnextmonth #mcm
I'm the big bro I am the little bro #slyfoxthreads
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