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Nouvelle routine par @shiseido 🌸
Tekno disko Thursdaiz with @erindeg 🎢 Girls - @hannah_wants & @chrislorenzo66
Sergio, half Spanish half Bolivian. He studied a marketing degree and then went on to do a masters in human resources. He worked for the Spanish government for 5 years before quitting and deciding to start his current job at a hostal in La Paz. He works as a general manager and can usually be found in a dress with a bottle in hand ready to give free shots and get everyone drunk! Despite his decision to quit his government job and the dissapproval of his parents, he's much happier now than he was before. In December he has plans to move to Brasil to work in a similar area... How many people do you know who are unhappy with their jobs/lifes but do nothing to change it because they are afraid of what others will think or are just too 'confortable'? #bolivia #spain #travel #work #lifestories #choices #routine
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