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Happy Birthday to my lil bro Andrew thank you for the good and memorable times you've been the greatest unkle to my kids Gone too young but never forgotten Fly high Love You #HBD #RIPandrew #FearNone #UnkleA #GodHasYouNow #BottomBoy #Southside
Going into this camp I didn't know what to expect. I had no clue what a cabernet was and I thought the idea of wearing all black was well....boring lol but now "boring" is probably the LAST word I would use to describe the past weekπŸ˜‚ Everything I have experienced there has been truly life changing and enjoyable. From all the master classes taught by Prof. Cooper, Prof. Geffken, Prof. Brasher, Mr. Beasley, and Dr. Hahn to "The Dumbwaiters" (now I will forever be know as the clipboard lol) to every patient, talented, loving counselor who gave up their summer: Sara, Lucia, Tati, Andrea, Ryan, Hue lmbo, Josh, Judah, Brandon, and Matt. To every camper who welcomed my crazy self in and was extremely caring and always kind, And especially to the one and only Professor Chris Nelson who has poured EVERYTHING into putting on this camp and letting me come and experience this wonderful thing that God has put on his heart to do. To you all, I want to say thank you I LOVE you and I pray that God blesses you all❀ #actinguncut #ripandrew #iwantedtosayallthislastnightbutwaswaytooemotional πŸ˜‚ @actinguncut
I woke up with you heavy on my mind today. I'd be lying if i said I didn't miss you, but I miss all the happy moments we shared. I ask myself every single time if its even normal to miss a person like you, a person that hurt me in so many ways but yet we always found away to forgive each other... i ask myself if its normal that we were apart for so long for me to even feel the way I continue to feel. You put me through sooooo much yet Im still here grieving πŸ’” I can't get out my head the day you told me, that I'd miss you when you were gone for good, its like you knew this would happen 😞 you were absolutely right.... 😰 #RIPAndrew πŸ™πŸ½
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