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Reposting this little fun fact from @fpc.nyc ! That's why I do this work. Every woman deserves to feel strong for pregnancy, labor and motherhood. 🌺
A view from the trenches in the #waronwaste We are so proud of our amazing customers for #fightingthegoodfight #keepcup #revolution #melbournecoffee #melbournecbd #baristalife #melbournecafe
It's sad to see how little solidarity there is in the world. How many more people have to die before someone does something? 76 people have died from the government hands of socialist president Nicolas Maduro. The plea can no longer be asked towards the United States. They have chosen to isolationism in the world and be cut off as the leader of the free world. The OAS has done nothing but talk and talk and talk! There needs to be action done by other countries, the US has given up the mantle and someone needs to take it's place before mote innocent lives are lost!
Girl you better get ready for the soul revolution! #wellness #ageless #soul #freedom #healthcoach #revolution #soulrevolution
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