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the fetish mv was definitely different but i liked it,, selena looked so good in it
No matter what people say they can not even talk about something if they don't know the meaning, the story of it
if you haven't seen the fetish music video yet, go watch it - OUT NOW 🍑 i think the music video is so esthetically beautiful, just as Selena. you can see how much she has grown and i love that this era is so different to everything out right now, the songs as well as the music videos / vintage vibes tbh. i'm just really proud of Selena and i honestly love love love that video. it represents the lyrics perfectly and is really powerful but still gives you the opportunity to interpret it personally #selenagomez @selenagomez
............... Let them that have ears, hear what the spirit says 🌽 ~ Be sure to swipe for all slides ~ ⌛🛡🗡⌛🕊🔥🌴 🕯 🔥💜🔥📚📝🍯📖 If you want to get together to study or for fellowship let me know. I am hosting digital and in person outside Philadelphia. 🕊 Check out www.fieldstonefellowship.com 🕊 for the word and the tools and weapons of our spirtual warfare. 🔥 If you are concerned about the condition, and or redemption of your soul, let me know ~ Let's start to make ready a people conformed to the image and lifestyle which was taught by Jesus Christ and HIS Apostles, the Prophets, Disciples and Live a life like the early church. - if you have trouble reading the font in the image look up this page on a computer, I post knowing there may be work for those who want the meat off the bone. Leave a comment and I will do my best to post the text as well or explain further. Time is fullfilled, Believe the Gospel and Repent from your sins, and the ways of this world, and follow the shepherd and saviour of our Souls out of this present test. #revival #revivalist #christ #christmystery #GOD #theword #mysteryoffaith #christconsciousness #childrenofthelight #awake #theword #gospel #dailybread #bible #soul #consciousness #jesuschrist #christjesus #christianity #christian #holyspirt #fieldstonefellowship #holyspiritrevival #holyspiritfire #apostolic #inspired
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