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12 days old. Dropped a little in weight but her Doctor said she is doing well. 4 lbs, 4.8 ounces. Also, her umbilical cord stump fell off today. Big girl! #babycordelia #ourlovebug #12daysold #tinyfighter #preemiepower #preemiestrong #preemiemom
Doing some research on my next program... looking forward to doing another muscle building program. I'll be doing the get lean track. I'm gonna start 3/20- anyone want to join me? #bodybeast #getripped #cantwait
Peyton loves to sing. I tried to catch it on video... did I mention she has a crazy twin who makes such things nearly impossible?! 😂 So proud of this little girl who a year ago started speech therapy to work on her speech apraxia. Crazy what a year does and how blessed we are that she overcame it so fast! 💕🎶
Time to end the day with gratitude! Post below ONE success you had today- whether big or small! Everyone needs to comment!
Today's update on Victoria, she's been fighting for her life since she was created I love my little micro preemie princess! There are people all over the world praying for her, I get so many messages asking for updates and whatnot it's so incredible. I really hope Victoria's story inspires others to never give up or loose hope she has taught me that. I'm a single mom her dad has never been apart of her life he knows that she was born but doesn't care which I don't care if he does or doesn't that his choice. I will be getting ssi because she has met all the requirements it helps because I don't get child support but honestly my daughter has everything she could ever want or need. #micropreemie #micropreemiemom #micropreemiestrong #preemie #preemiemom #preemiestrong #nicu #nicumom #niculife #nicubaby #24weeker #35weeksgestation #prayforvictoria
Ryan cooked burrito bowls tonight! Chicken and Greek yogurt (red), black beans (yellow), peppers/onions (green) and cheese (blue). Easy to customize portions and toppings! Life hack- use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Tastes the same but higher in protein and lower in calories. #portionfix #21dayfix #eatclean
Taking it back to one of the greatest moments of my life…being pregnant - then as a mommy of two, and then today at 38.  Isn’t it amazing what our bodies are capable of? . Here are the facts: 1. I’ve always been active but never had the body I wanted. (you know how it is ladies) 2. I had two babies and two c-sections in less than two years. 3. I lost the baby weight pretty quickly but my body was NOT the same. 4. I lacked energy and confidence. 5. Now, at 38, I’m a fit mom who is finally energized, happy, and confident with how I look and feel. . Now, I am finally comfortable in my own skin and I feel better than I did in my 20’s.  There is no magic pill (I wish there was!). But I show up every day and put in the effort to get to where I want to be.  It’s not easy, but it’s what I have to do to be in control of my own health and happiness. . I know you can do it too!  You just have to make a promise to yourself and do whatever it takes to keep that promise.  My next online challenge group starts March 6th.  Want more info?  Message me or email me at ginatolley1@gmail.com so I can tell you more about it! . #21dayfix #beachbodycoach #happyandhealthy
You're doing your best and your best is great ❤ #motivationmonday
Whole30 and 21 Day Fix approved chili simmering in the Dutch oven for lunches this week 🌶 Even in this warm weather, I'm obsessed with chili!!!
This little guy 😍 His heart may be imperfect, but he will always be perfect to me. And he gives the best snuggles ever. #ventricularseptaldefect #congenitalheartdefect #congestiveheartfailure #preemie #preemiemom #twinmom #heartmonth #hearthealth #chdawarenessmonth
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