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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...
#flexfriday flashback!! The L photo is from the middle of June, so about a month ago. This is also the about the time I started to do my streaming every day workouts. Although it's slight, I think I see a difference!! And I can't tell you how excited that makes me!!! I have felt like I've been working and pushing myself harder, and now I can see it. This just gets me even more fired up to continue and keep improving!!! There's still time to join my free two week group starting Monday the 24th!! You can try all the workouts I've been doing and gain an amazing group of cheerleaders working right along side you. Let me know if you're ready to start your shift... What kind of change can you see and feel when you truly commit to yourself??!! I want to help you get there!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’¦ ~~ #healthylifestyle #fitnessforlife #getactive #liveyourbestlife #balancedliving #beyourbestyou #findyourhappy #musicdegree #theaterlover #preemiemom #nicumommy #toddlermommy #boymom #worldtraveler #exploretheunknown
Playing #beanboozled -- any guesses what flavor my brother got?!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ #familyvacay #jellybelly #stayathomejammama
Super excited to help out my local chapter of Project Sweet Peas by making buttons to deliver to NICU moms and dads! Project Sweet Peas supports families of premature and sick babies, as well as families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. #projectsweetpeas #womenandinfantshospital #newengland #preemiemom #nicumom #nicu #preemie #momofpreemies #buttonmaking #imapro
Sometimes you've just gotta eat the ice cream!! #itsallaboutbalance #buildasundae #oceanislebeach
It wasn't long ago I was you I was in THAT place You know that place we don't talk about..where we hide from our own demons... So I get it. Really I do. You know that invite I sent you the other day.. You know the one inviting you to join myself and a kick ass group of people as we focus on shifting our mindset, our habits and focus on some pretty big goals..? Oh wait you didn't see that? Is it because you didn't bother opening it? Or maybe you read it but decided to ignore it... Ghosting me now? Yup I know what's going on--I did it too! I skipped over that message I read it and ignored it I ghosted for a good 3 months And when I finally responded I told her "I don't have the money" (that wasn't the real issue--I really just didn't want to spend the money on something like an in-home workout program and some shake) Then I told her "I have no time" (yes I was busy but really I was telling her I would rather sit on my couch and stare at another episode of Big Bang Theory than spend 30 minutes on something that would better me) Why did I use those excuses? Why didn't I just come out and tell her the truth...for the same reasons you ignore me, ghost me, give me yet another reason why you don't want to spend any time or money on yourself--for yourself. FEAR Fear of failure Fear of success Fear of change I get it Really I do Change is hard--it's a process--and you have to be ready...it has to be your time So I'll keep sending you those invites and you can keep ignoring them (and me!) But just know...when you ARE ready When you know it's time When you want to invest in you... I'll be over here ready to help πŸ’œ . . . . . . . #perfectlyimperfectmama_ #celiac #glutenfree #momlife #momsohard #schoolpsychologist #preemiemom #happywife #motherhood #positivevibes #selfpride #toddlermom #postpartum #postpartumfitness #momof2 #concertaddict #shopaholics #workingmum #workingmoms #scotlandfitness #ghosting #amazonaddict #glutenfreelifestyle #celiacdisease
Groceries for the week! . Easy meal prep is the name of the game during the summer. Thankful that when I use my portion fix containers I know exactly how much to buy and there's no waste (and we save money!).
When you have to drive over one of the scariest bridges to get to vacation, you end up with white knuckles. Do bridges scare you?!? πŸ–πŸ›£πŸš™ #baybridge #scarybridge #stayathomejammama
Sweat marks and satisfaction!! Powered though sore muscles and got it done!! πŸ’¦ Working out has become my mini therapy, my time for just myself, and something I feel so good about. What are you doing for YOU today?? Happy Friday, everyone!! ~~ #healthylifestyle #fitnessforlife #getactive #liveyourbestlife #balancedliving #beyourbestyou #findyourhappy #musicdegree #theaterlover #preemiemom #nicumommy #toddlermommy #boymom #worldtraveler #exploretheunknown
πŸ’₯23 week miracle preemies Jaxson & Cadence have PREEMIE POWER as they head to Physical Therapy πŸ’₯
Who knew almost 3 years ago I'd be sitting in the carpool line in North Carolina waiting to pick Caleb up from school. Life has a funny way of giving you what you ask for... but you can't just ask for it you have to work for it and the universe will answer! I took a leap of faith despite the fact I had every reason to stay in a place where I was unhappy and unfulfilled. I moved a week after our wedding with no job and little money saved, we only had Stephens job to rely on plus we only had 1 car at the time. Not to mention we have 0 FAMILY in NC. Sometimes girl you just have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because that is where the magic happens. My life and my family's life is forever changed for the better because of one simple decision to say yes to something scary, bold and different! Comfort zones are where our dreams go to die, get out there and tell the universe what you want and then go work for it✌🏾
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