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Entertaining the toddler with Snapchat filters. Turn on the sound - it's worth it. 😂
I love watching my baby on her room video camera. It's the only thing that keeps me going when I can't be with her every moment of the day. And more specifically while I'm sick and don't want to pass anything on to her. Praying that she continues her progress and praying I am better so that I can hold my princess 😢
She may have only weighed 16 ounces at her smallest, but Peyton has always been a spitfire! During her first week in the NICU, nurses nicknamed her "Diva.” We knew then that her personality would be over-the-top! At nearly four, Peyton still loves putting on a show, so dancing has been a perfect activity. Thank you for following along for this #MamalodeMondayTakeover . Read more on Facebook and Pinterest @HylandsHealth , and follow me on Instagram at @skrynews.
The beginnings of dinner...
Egg muffins! I just threw in whatever I had in the fudge for veggies. Want tips on meal prep? I made these and overnight oats live on my Facebook page, go check it out! Lots of good tips! #mealprepmonday !
For children like Peyton, being born premature means that it will take extra time to "catch up" to others her age. We never knew what to expect, especially since she faced a number of medical issues. We didn't expect her to catch up as quickly as she did, but after years of physical and developmental therapy, she started preschool this past fall! She's overcome more than most people do in a lifetime. - @skrynews
No, it's not poop. Mini peppers dipped in refried black beans- so good!
Ich liiiebe es Kleidung für den Mini zu shoppen 😍 Tschüss, Größe 80, Hallo Größe 86 😱 #preemiemom #babyboy #toddlerboy #toddler #shoppingweekend #grandma #mama #shoppaholic #shoes #sweetie
Boss Moms!! It's motivation Monday in our home. Collaboration and community make the 🌍 go round. So today, we're sharing our journey and asking you to share yours too! _ My name is Jennifer Magnano. I'm an autoimmune crushing preemie + SPD/autism miracle mama bear who recovered from postpartum depression and anxiety through my faith in Jesus, a yoga mat, multiple certification programs, and hundreds of personal development 📚. (For real.) I now take on a select few mama-clients each month to coach toward their greatest wellness and best life. _ I believe that BEING REAL always wins. Tea is a pantry staple and it should be mostly looseleaf 🌱 Yoga isn't a class but a lifestyle. And that when we do "small things with great love" others have a chance to experience Jesus without even knowing it. (Sneak attack!!!!) I am also a brand rep for It Works Global, and while I don't post about it much - it's been my full time income for three years. It allows me to serve my tribe on my terms _ Today, I dream of giving back bigger and bigger each year. My entire life revolves around teaching self care 💓 to the masses of women and moms who serve from an empty well. You aren't alone!!! _ Now for the important part!!! ⬇ _ Who are you?? Introduce yourself! 1. Tell us who you are. 2. What is your product or brand? 3. Give us ONE quote that keeps you going in motherhood and life!! _ You can keep this going by: Reposting your story to your page, tagging the person/brand that you got this from (e.g. thanks @rawmotherhood for the collab!) and use the hashtag #bettertogether so we can see how far this goes! _ Let's build each other up and grow our communities 👭⬇ We are SO MUCH better together. xox . . . . . . . . #riseup #raisegoodhumans #uniteinmotherhood #sensorymom #autismparent #preemiemom #sensoryprocessingdisorder #rawmotherhood #inspiredliving #yoga #postpartumdepression #momlife #perspective #blogger #mommyblog #autoimmune #chronicillness #joyfulmamas
It doesn't matter how much planning you do, when your baby is born premature, your plans go out the window. Peyton spent about four months in the NICU before finally coming home. This was the picture we used to introduce our daughter to the world, a bittersweet moment for us as we expected to bring three babies home. We wanted to include Parker and Abby in our birth announcement, so we used two teddy bears to symbolize Peyton's brother and sister. - @skrynews
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