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#photopia @photopiacairo #portrait #workshop @ramielshakry #studio #with #canon5dmarkiv #canon #retro Special Thanks to model : @nayra.elsheikh Special thanks to makeup artist : @aminametwally_mua Special thanks to background artist : @shereenabil
You cannot expect people to understand your grind. It is not theirs to make sense of, it's yours. Stay focused and fulfill your destiny.
White borders look too good I'm goin back.
to my dearest friends. brothers for life, best friends without even knowing. the man to the most left: a person you can always rely on for a laugh, or for a hug. we've been through it all man, and im especially glad to have helped you in your regents, it was an honor bro. you've earned my respect, similar to how a brotherhood like ours is earned through experience, and not given. to the man in the middle. my dearest best friend. my right hand, my giant. as tall as you are, you are a walking teddy bear with your positivity and smile. i have shared laughs with you, as well as tears, and i wish to share both the highs and lows of what's to come in our lives. through thick and thin, through dawn to dust, I will always have your back my brother. we share a bond that no other 6'7 and 5'4 duo can have. to my brothers, i wish the best of luck to both of you. im not going to say that im going to miss you though, because I know both of you will be present in my life to come.
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