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We have had a cold for what feels like the last month. Coco mostly avoided it but she unfortunately been hit with it the past few days. I rarely get to see her sleep because she is such a light sleeper, but she is down for the count with this cold. #mysickbaby
Добрых снов, мир! 💛
Starting #mamasgirlgang is me letting go of what I've been telling myself in my head (fear) and diving into what I truly believe. I love people, I love being a mama, and I love photography. I want information to be accessible so that others can learn easily and without judgement. I'm so excited for the launch on May 1st and as cliche as this sounds I've really put my heart and soul into this. What fears are holding you back?
{ Ya no quiero vivir con los temores, que prefiero entregarme a la ilusión 
y lo que creo, defenderlo con firmeza, sin historias que me abulten el colchón.

Y si un día me siento transformado y decido reorientar la dirección, 
tomare un nuevo rumbo sin prejuicios. Porque en el cambio esta la evolución.

Evolucion, en el cambio esta la evolución.

Que mi camino se encuentre iluminado y la negrura no enturbie el corazón 
discernimiento al escoger entre los frutos, decision para subir otro escalón 
Vivir el presente hacia el futuro, guardar el pasado en el arcón, trabajar por el cambio de conciencia, dibujar en el aire una canción 
Una cancion en el aire una canción... } . . . #enelcambioestalaevolucion #chambao #inspired #lightinspired #life #present #simplelife #liveauthentic #lifewellcaptured #childhood #magicofchildhood #momswithcameras #kidsforreal #nothingisordinary #thesincerestoryteller #our_everyday_moments #letthekids #candidchildhood #ourcandidlife #momswithcameras #pixel_kids #subjectlight #follow_this_light #instagram #dearphotographer #wildandfreechildren
Discussing their plans for finding a place to camp for the night😉
#OnTheBlog | My little one is exploring new foods every week. I've been slowly introducing one solid per week. Since I've been bombarding her with veggies I decided to let her try sweet. Let's just say the intro was MESSY yet so EXCITING! Click the link in bio to chime in on the recipe ! #urbanmomspot
A couple of things: 1. My gal is apparently growing her own naturally occurring scrappy hipster mullet complete with mini-hawk and shaved sides. 😂 2. I try to keep my phone away from her and out of sight (except when taking a quick snapshot or facetiming with Grandma) but she still squeals with delight when she catches sight of it and especially if she gets her lil hands on it! How do you guys deal with phones/screentime? I'd like to avoid it as long as possible but I know that will get more and more challenging as time goes on... And, 3. Those dainty lil fingers though!! 😍
My daughter doesn't need toys, water or sand keep her entertained for hours! #donttelldaddy
I haven't been able to pick up my camera all week but I did take the time to re-edit a favorite for my 2107 Client Guide that I'm almost done with. It's crazy how much your editing style evolves over the course of just a year.
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