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Chillin' in the cinema. This boy loves the movies 🎥👶🏼🎬 . . . #babyboy #babycinema #maternityleave #cinema #movies #momlife #mumlife #parenthood #mumhood #parenting #films #mylove #mummy #snacks
It's been a while since I've been stuck under this sleeping lamb 💛 He has himself wrapped around my right arm (which is now dead) I am currently having a whatsapp chat with a friend who is Mum to a 2 year old about SLEEP. I say this a lot and I'm going to keep on with it because I feel it's really really important heading into motherhood to lower your expectation of sleep..and I mean reeeeally lower it. Even if you are one of the chosen ones who has a baby that sleeps through the night at a few months old at some point there will be sleep regression. I'm not telling you this to put fear into you but to prepare you so that you can cope better and put things in place that mean you get rest when you need it. It sends a lot of parents to breaking point and you have got to find a way to survive without putting blame on to baby. I am also telling you this so that you can understand it is normal. Babies and young children wake frequently in the night, fact! When they are tiny we become obsessed with feeding them enough so that they sleep better, some people believe starting solids makes them sleep better. Unfortunately there are other factors like the neocortex in their brain responsible for emotional regulation is majorly underdeveloped which means they are simply not capable of self soothing. When your baby or young child wakes in the night they need your help to get back to sleep. Yes it's a killer and you feel you are so tired you could cry or throw up all at the same time. It is HARD there's no denying it BUT they need the comfort, reassurance and touch of their parents to soothe them. Not responding to a baby or young child's cries at night does not make them sleep longer and help them to self soothe it eventually makes them stop calling out for you. They will still wake... 💔 Sleep deprivation is without a doubt one of the hardest parts of becoming a parent but seek help from friends or relatives if you need to get more rest to survive. It won't be forever and I bet there's people around you that want to help and are waiting for you to say the word. Don't hold back Mumas, look after yourselves 😘 #sleep #sleepybaby #parenthood #newborn #motherhood
"I wish you could be there for all the important moments in your child's life. If you can't, remember that communication is so valuable no matter how hard it is." Yasmina - a mother of two
Not sure why he does this...but I'll still feed him anyday! 😂😂😍 #lovehim #myboy #breasfeeding #breastfed #motherhood #parenthood #myeverything #baby #love
EDITING THE BOOKSHELF: It’s painful, but you’ve gotta do it. If you’re like me, books just appear on your shelves. Okay, maybe they don’t just appear. Maybe you have a problem and can’t help buying books and adding to your “to read” pile. I am not here to judge. I do edit my bookshelves once per year. Children’s books that are recently published, and in good shape I donate to @BookBankCanada and ones that are more well-loved, I find other homes for. Books for grown-ups I give away to friends, the library, churches, schools, or other community groups. And then I have more room . . .to buy more books.
Children inherit their intelligence from their mothers ;) so why not begin their financial education journey from a young age! #investing #children #women #parenthood #money #matters #raisingthemright
Philippians 2:2English Standard Version (ESV) 2 complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. : : True strength is when come together with one mindset - the Lord Jesus Christ. God uses families, both blood and spiritual, to glorify His name and complete His work. This is the reason why Satan is always trying to oppress and attach the whole, as well as individuals within. : : Make sure that each person within the family makes a declaration to win together! Strong families = Strong communities ❤️ @nadradyan
As a kid, my mother & I would eat avacado topped with pepper while we watched Lifetime and scary movies into the wee hours. #childhood #memories #love #my #mommy #avacado #motherhood #parenthood #momsrules #healthyfood #healthyeating #family #time #followme #tripsandeats #instagram #photooftheday
GAWD! I just love her. 💖😍❤️💕 . . . #motherhood #leiarosaliadolenc #momlife #parenthood #baby #babygirl #newborn
2-0!!!😭😭😭Goodnight!!!😴😴😴🤕🤕🤕 #headbat #struggleisreal #parenthood
Every day, I hear women speak about how they can't lose weight, they don't know how to eat healthy, they can't find time to exercise and they can't get motivated to start. To this I say.... "Please, can we just STOP with all of this negative self-doubt?" If you think you CAN'T you won't. That's it. Game over! BUT, If you think you CAN, you will! It's very simple - you just have to decide to get started. So, can you? More importantly, WILL YOU?
Yes happiness is the laughter of children we think all moms could agree with this post❤ Good morning everyone☀ We hope you have a wonderful day today👌🏽 #goodmorning #thursday #goodmorningpost #happinessis #thelaughter #ofchildren #happiness #motherhood #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #parenthood #laughter #loveit #like #staystrong #stayhumble #staypositive #lovelife #smile
Stop striving for something that doesn't exist, and put that energy into learning to accept and respect yourself. . #perfect #imperfect #selflove
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