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never have any idea where i'm going but that's okay 🛣 [ long summer 3/3 ]
Sorry for posting a lot of mirror selfies
👼🏽💘 babygirl vibes 💘 👼🏽 these are my new shoes and I like them a lot! :') Also I think I'm starting to adopt an pale grunge theme with a pink rose/plant aesthetic 🌷🌵🌿 Idk if I like it lol :/ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 💧🍼Tags 🍼💧 #blackaesthetic #grunge #black #alternativefashion #alternativeblackgirl #blackgirl #aesthetic #tumblr #かわいい #palegrunge #cute #tumblraesthetic #天使 #tumblrgrunge #grungeaesthetic #pale #babygirl #plantaesthetic #roses #pink #black
Offered her the world, she said she had her own 🌉🌹 «Suceden cosas buenas y malas en la vida por la misma razón que existe el invierno y el verano. Que no se te olvide que es tener frío ni sentir calor».
the lowest quality mushrooms you've ever seen 🍄 [ long summer 2/3 ]
OH BOY DO I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL Y'ALL so i went to the annual marching band bonfire and like three of my good friends were there and the rest were just friendly people from band (i felt like i needed to go bcos i'm an officer and a section leader but it's w/e) and it was fun my friend and i did a lot of catching crabs because we're freaks and we buried my friend twice and made a bunch of sand castles and had a sand fight BUT OTHER THAN THAT we finally got the fire going and after smores and weenies (lol i know me too) we sat in a circle to play games and it was pretty standard truth or dare, never have i ever (without the drinking!!), honesty hour, etc but some weird things happened so basically ,,,, most of the band is wilder than i thought (btw at my school band is hyped because no one is really a 'band nerd' like some of the most popular kids in school march) and when i say wild i really mean wild but i can't give specifics because i was sworn to secrecy ANYWAYS there came this one question where we had to answer who we would date in the marching band and me and two other people said the boy i was talking about in my last post and i had to justify with "he's funny without crossing any lines and not bad looking" but the issue here is that one of his good friends is in the group and she may tell him all the people that said they'd date him idk , anyways later we had to answer "who would you date in the circle" and this one good guy friend of mine put his arm around me and said "because we're such good friends!" and when it got to me i put my head on his shoulder and said him because we're great friends!!!11! wild though, because a lot of my friends put money on the fact that he actually likes me and i don't really believe it but i'm pretty sure we used to have feelings for each other like two years ago and were just too emotionally backed up to admit them BUT YEAH after that ordeal like a bunch of people shouted "date" and i was lowk like oh gosh please . #palegrunge #pastelgrunge #pale #pastel #softgrunge #soft #grunge #indie #indiegrunge #hipster #transparent #clear #tumblr #theme #depression #depressed #anxiety #alternative #alt #altgrunge #alternative
Całkiem przypadkowo odwiedzone muzeum z przepiękna wystawa #warsaw #travel #inspiration #tumblr #polishgirl #goodtime #alternative #artistic #pale #beautyplace #likethispic #❤️
悲しみと怒りに潜む誠の心を知るは森の精 -🔥
I'm getting my nails done and my nails looked crusty af lol I feel sorry for the girl who painted them
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