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Often I think of all of you, brothers and sisters. How we are all separated my miles. But we are together! We are One! In this day, Christianity and Islam and Jewish folk argue over whose version of "god" is correct. I say none of them. They gained power through our blood flooding the ground they stole from us. Do not forget this! They are not peaceful. They are blood thirsty for their god. For our blood that doesn't mix with theirs. But be like the stag here: sleep quietly, but be ready to fight for yourself. Our gods despise weakness and fear. do not be afraid! HEATHENS TOGETHER!
We are planning to go completely off grid, so that involves reducing our electric appliances, these lovely old cast iron irons will help with that job, I just heat them up on my wood stove #selfsufficient #offgrid #offgridlife #offgridliving #castironirons #oldways #oldfashionlife #oldfashionliving
Old ways won't open new doors. ✏️
Update: ••••••••••••••SOLD OUT•••••••••••••••• THANK YOU! We'll be offering more soon. Thanks for your patience and all your good vibes! The square, with its four even sides, often represents wholeness and balance. After all, in order to live and function, we rely on the four elements, the four seasons, and the four directions. So, naturally, we paid homage to the square. {The Four Corners Talisman} is available in limited quantity. •$31• Love: rose, rose quartz, copper Growth: moss, black onyx, gold Peace: lavender, amethyst, silver (Full descriptions on original Talismans post) Like with all our Talismans, these are time-consuming to make so we only have a few of each. Please, get with us to order. Much love! 🔮🎩
There seems to be a lot of people spouting their ignorance and judgement lately. From online trolling, or even people coming into my workplace and saying it to my face. Despite the pain it may cause, it actually keeps motivating me to continue on my spiritual path, educate others and continue to dispel the myths that surround my beliefs. I will not fall prey to the trolls and fanatical zealots out there. #judgeandbejudged #witchesofinstagram #paganpride #occult #mindbodyspirit #witchcraft #dontbeabasicwitch
The old way of keeping a fence post straight. Using the what's available at the time. #PNW #fenceline #oldways #grasslands #blueskies
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