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I just did my nails!!!! ( I know it's ugly no hate plz☺️😒) ps: I didn't put the circle around the Niall Horan nail cause it would mess the thing up I already tried @niallhoran @mullingarni @louist91 @liampayne @harrystyles @onedirection #onedirection #louistomlinson #liampayne #niallhoran #harrystyles
i feel like it's always me writing out these long paragraphs for people who don't care about me. i'm always the last choice, not the first, or second, last with everybody. oh you 'care about me' then why don't you text me besides when you need help with your 'problems'? i guess i just don't get the hint but it's not my fault i can't be myself around you. i'm fucked to be honest and not that dark edgy way i mean i make a lot of dark offensive jokes that hardly anyone gets. dark humor is the best though. anyways, kinda just wish i was somebody's first choice but i get it cause i'm just somebody who isn't cut out for life and who should probably just slit their fucking throat already. 😉 • • • • • • #larry #larryisreal #larrystylinson #larryproof #larryedit #larrysmut #louistomlinson #harrystyles #liampayne #niallhoran #zaynmalik #ziam #loveislove #lgbt #lgbtq #skam #evak #gallavich #shameless #iangallagher #mickeymilkovich #malec #riverdale #violate #americanhorrorstory #elounor #beberexha
Idk how the boys do it tbfh
Part 3. 💝
mY MOTHER! IS A QUEEN! I love her so much, and I do everyday, but she told me that I am getting a VERY expensive early birthday present (birthday isn’t until November) and then she told me I’d get it either tomorrow, Sunday or Monday. so I was like, oh okay, and I joked that it was Niall tickets and she said no, and told me that she got me the new iPhone 8. 👀 lIKE WHAT!? I love my mother so much and as soon as I get a job, I will pay her back because I know how expensive the phone is and I just feel bad but I’m so grateful that she got me it 😭🙏🏻
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