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New book out by my friend #RoddeyReid . Very much looking ffw to read. #stoptrump Repost @roddeyreid (@get_repost ) ・・・ NEW BOOK! Now *live* in Kindle & on-demand print editions on Amazon.com. For release URL go here: roddeyreid.blogspot.com #bullying #politics #fear #indivisibleguide #harassment #ourrevolution #berniesanders #newleftreview #stoptrump #blacklivesmatter #swingleft #fears #intimidation #politicalrevolution #democracy #democracynow
Read: I read - and still have - this essay in the original New Left Review issue - 40 years ago!! #gramsci #newleftreview #newleft #marxism #theory #hegemony
Read: the dimensions of power - and its definition #goodreads @goodreads #newleftreview
"The theoretical instance the avant-garde form represented has not, however, disappeared. Rather, its function has migrated. For what else is Jameson's totalization of postmodernism itself? In the epoch of modernism, revolutionary art generated its own descriptions of the time or intimations of the future, while for the most part its practices were viewed sceptically, or at best selectively, by political or philosophical thinkers of the left. Trotsky's coolness to futurism, Lukács's resistance to Brechtian Verfremdung, Adorno's aversion to surrealism, were characteristic of that conjuncture. In the period of postmodernism, there has been a reversal of roles. Radical strands in the arts, reclaiming or developing legacies of the avant-gardes, have not been lacking. But no doubt in part because of the disorienting coexistence of the citra-modern, of which there was no earlier equivalent, this 'ultra-modernist' culture has not produced any confident accountof the age, or sense of its general direction. That has been the achievement of Jameson's theory of the postmodern. Here, viewed comparatively, is where the critical ambition and revolutionary élan of the classical avant-garde have passed. In this register, Jameson's work can be read as single continuous equivalent of all the passionate meteorologies of the past. The totalizer is now external; but that displacement belongs to the moment of history that the theory itself explains. Postmodernism is the cultural logic of a capitalism not embattled, but complacent beyond precedent. Resistance can only start by staring down this order as it is." . . Perry Anderson's bromance love letter to Fredric Jameson 😅. Great opening chapters, especially gist of Lyotard's intellectual trajectory, less nuanced tackling that of Habermas. Later chapters discussing Jameson's The Cultural Turn and Anderson's own thoughts on the subject is a bit underwhelming, was really expecting he would add a lot more political-economy in there. Demanding, but quick read, great overview of the debate on postmodernism.
Some important thoughts so rarely articulated in mainstream media. #newleftreview #perryanderson . Using French example highlighting why we have yet to see the true potential depth of #antiestablishment voting and that corbyn's "emperor's clothes" moment will likely be the lack of any immigration policy
Saturday afternoon Kopi and Julian Stallabras essay on photographic icons from the May/June issue of The New Left Review. #Singapore #Kopi #newleftreview #readmore
Must see: John Akomfrah's powerful film biography of Stuart Hall @moma #johnakomfrah #stuarthall #birminghamschool #newleftreview
Reading the reviews. It's kind of rare that I get a weekend off but I've kind of got one this weekend. So I'm in the garden. Reading. #poetryreview #newleftreview
Audience at Four Corners Gallery enjoying celebration of The Partisan Coffee House, Soho Square (1958-1963). ©Jan Evelyn #fourcornersgallery #partisancoffeehouse #annadavin #audience #raphaelsamuelhistorycentre #newleftreview #historyworkshop #historyworkshopjournal #women
Desde el año 2003, Susan Watkins se encarga de la edición de la New Left Review, una publicación de referencia del pensamiento europeo que, desde el año 2000, se publica también en castellano. Watkins, autora también de varios artículos de análisis sobre la situación europea tras la crisis de 2008, aprovechó su paso por Madrid para acercarse a La Ingobernable, un espacio recuperado por parte del tejido social madrileño. Allí, se presta a una entrevista con varios participantes. Durante media hora habló de la crisis del continente, de los efectos del Brexit y de las posibilidades de transformación que debe explorar la izquierda en este ciclo político. Lee la entrevista completa en saltamos.net Texto: Pablo Elorduy. Traducido por Eduardo Pérez. Fotografía: David Fernández @daferna #susanwatkins #NewLeftReview #ElRaptodeEuropa #PerryAnderson #Madrid #LaIngobernable #ElSalto #Saltamos
New Left Review just arrived in store. #artbookla #newleftreview
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