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DEATH BEFORE LIVING - If affection were the beads that tied this womb What mumbo jumbo will these lips speak? What mumbles and grumbles will my tongue dance to? What lullaby will this unborn hear? - If worries mothered this seed Rooted in the hollows of my stomach Would the injection be set and the blood drawn; An atonement to my self righteous pleas - If trust was the passage from me to you; not holes filled Would this unborn be able to say father? Would it be stuck in his memory; the baritone tickling of your voice? - But here we are, The red sea dripping from beneath me A testament to this evil; this death before living And you faraway, mouth silenced, eyes turned the other way Heart congealed with hate - If only my head was set aright teaching me right or wrong that life was this unborn to own Not this fate my fear has sentenced it to be - Copyright Opetu Ebibote 2017 - instagram.com/musespill @musespill | twitter.com/muse_spills | fb.com/musespill - If you loved this piece, take a cruise through www.musespill.com.ng .. Believe me it is going to be a interesting ride - @artpaldeblogger @crazeclown @crispymedia @olori_o.b.o #muse #spill #art #poetry #poem #blog #ride #fate
photo by Emanuel Tejeiro
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