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He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life - Muhammad Ali #happysaturday #motivationalquotes #daybyday #onestepatatime #birthdayweekend #tommorrow #yourboyturns21 #memyselfandi
See ya in a couple of years! I'll amaze everybody. I'll prove all you wrong. #determination #motivationalquotes #commitment #ambition #intelligence #girls
Hard work breeds success. Be successful. #AFM #AspireForMore
Play the game of life to the full, don't leave anything in the locker room - www.attainandsustain.com
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Of late I've been really determined on working out how to become a happier person, so far I've learnt a few steps. • 1: exercise- may seem a pain but it makes me feel good • • 2: less phone time, a lot less! • • 3: good music leads to good vibes. Been loving Amber Run a lot • • 4: water and drinking enough each day • #motivationalquotes #motivation #blogger #lifestyle #beautyblogger #bb #gettingyou #beingyou #youdoyou
“Please don’t ever leave me. Cause if you do I’ll start remembering every little thing, and I swear the first thing I’ll do is reread all the goodnight texts, all the “I love you’s”, all the “I miss you’s”, all the “my baby’s”, and darling I will rip my chest open with them until my soul is flowing on the floor” — Late Night Thoughts, Please don’t ever leave me // chasing--ghxsts
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