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Can you tell how excited I was to try these products? 😂 FIRST IMPRESSIONS on my @shophudabeauty @hudabeauty @monakattan #hudabeauty3dhighlight in PINK SANDS and new #hudabeautyliquidmatte in SILVER FOX, what do you guys think? Also wearing her new eazy lashes in Camille ✨✨✨ 1) apply CAPRI (melted strobe) on the cheek, I used my finger to tap it in 2) apply SANTORINI (powder) on the top of the cheekbone. Fanbrush @sephoracanada 3) apply AZORES underneath cheekbone to sculpt 4) apply IBIZA in between As usual I'd like to this a few times before giving a final review which I'll post on Snapchat ❤ the highlight is very glowy and not sparkly at ALL which is a plus for me! What do you guys think? ✨SONG: myself @beatsbynav XO #hudabeauty #shophudabeauty #monakattan #alyakattan
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