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Brazilian 😂🙈🛀 • • • #mileycyrus @mileycyrus
The last one 😭😭
Omg have a look at how high she can put her leg in the air 😍😂 I probably would have broken my leg if I had tried the same 😂😂 I really loved the starting of Baby I and I really miss to see her performing Baby I 😭💜 ••• Video credits goes to "LovaticDude3" on YouTube
Lisa or lena? what do You choose? Was nimmst du? Follow me (@lelimomente ) for more ❤ Privat Account  @28.6.16
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santa tell me outtakes 🎅🏻
Hannah visits Maddie in the dressing room (s3,e33) #dancemoms #aldc
Happiness is contagious ✨
Ain't she lovely? 😻💦🍒💞👅
head in the clouds☁ #3YearsOfProblem @ArianaGrande
Boneless wings are good asf @nochillpelt
When short people smoke weed,they don't get high they get medium
Happy birthday kenny🎉
😍😍❤ CUTE. follow:@qluqe for more
Cameron X sophodes♡♡♡ #Camerondallas
Queen af 😍😍😍 Follow @shinemyidols for more
Change is iconic
I have stomachache 😫i hate that omgh
Which one? -Real
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Anushka And SRK! 😍❣ I'm damn excited for their new movie😍 Aren't you guys excited? @anushkasharma #anushkasharma #bollywood
+ עירבוב של סליימים כושלים שלי😅 - תגיבו מה אתם חושבים על הסרטון. - שאלה: תתייגו את החבר/ה הכי טובה שלכם👇🏻 #slime #סליים
Ready for Daya to slay the shit outta us tomorrow 🔥 - #zendaya #zendayalatest
Fuccck yeah😻😻😻 She can kill me anytime💕
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We don't slow down, ain't no brakes