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On this day last year @ 5am I went in for a scheduled c-section due to max not being in position... My heart was beating... I was anxious & nervous as this would of been my 1st c-section..... Right before they took us down to the operating room after being prepped the dr came in with a mini ultrasound screen just to see how things were! He said c-section cancelled Max flipped & is in position!! At first they wanted to send me home & we were like oh no I'm ready! I was 4cm dilated so they decided to induce me! I was so happy & cried tears of joy to be able to bring my baby boy into this world naturally without a c-section.... 3:28pm Max Anthony Melendez was born! 8'8 ... 20 1/2 inches long! The best feeling in the world when the dr placed him right on my chest & he stopped crying as he felt secure in my arms... I cried happy tears! From that day forward we have a unbreakable bond he is a mommas boy for sure 💙 This year flew bye so fast! He's so full of character! Smart,Silly, lovable, sarcastic, dramatic, convincing & the list goes on lol! He finally got his 1st tooth! Can crawl like a pro all over, standing and walking along the couches! He started letting go & holding balance so he will be walking very soon!😢 Loves to eat everything! There's so much more to say but I will have a chapter book lol! We love you so much my goldo precioso! I can't believe this day is here! Happy 1st Birthday Max Anthony! 💙😢1️⃣🎈🎉🎊 #baby1stbirthday #maxanthony #june22 #mygoldo #mommysbaby 💙 @melendez86jr
10 days from today my baby my goldo precioso will be 1!!! Just to think last year at this time I was anxious for him to come out! 😩😓😪😢💙 #mommysbaby #hissmileiscontagious #meltsmyheart #maxanthony
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